Hulk #13 (2009) – The Review

Hulk #13 - Hulk No More!

Hulk #13 - Hulk No More!

#13 Variant Cover - Why is the Crimson Idiot on here?  Twice!

#13 Variant Cover - Why is the Crimson Idiot on here? Twice!

While a one Mr. Gary Miller and his exquisitely written article made me a bit more excited about this series – the fact remains – Loeb’s writing is so bad it makes me want to punch a school girl in the neck…

A-Bomb surprising Banner

A-Bomb surprising Banner

This issue begins with a small inner monologue of Bruce Banner talking about how he can’t believe the Hulk is gone – how he’s going through the stages of relief – uhhh… grief. As Bruce thinks about the Hulk he has returned to the cave from the original 6 issues – the cave that would house the Hulk at night so that he was trapped and couldn’t get out. Anyways, Rick shows up, no longer able to change back into human form but is able to articulate like Rick rather than my Uncle on $2 draft night. He says that he and Bruce are linked – he can find him no matter where they are – just as Bruce and the Red Hulk are linked. Anyways, he tells Bruce that he’s not sure How he’s able to do it – that MODOCK must have done something to him – but now he can blend into his surroundings like a chameleon.

Get over yourself Ares...

Get over yourself Ares...

Meanwhile, Norman Osbourne has heard through the grapevine that the Hulk is no more and sends Ares to find out if it’s true. Ares says that he can’t promise he won’t kill Bruce Banner. While Banner and A-Bomb talk Ares shows up and tries to take Banner out. Rick battles Ares, to no avail, and as Ares gets the upper hand Bruce throws a rock at him. Ares lunges for Bruce and traps himself inside the rock cell. Bruce shuts the door and Ares is is stuck. Rick and Bruce leave the cave and go to a bus stop where Rick asks Bruce if he wants him to go with him. Bruce says no and the bus drives off.

Bring out the Hulk! - Yeah, I second that!

Bring out the Hulk! - Yeah, I second that!

In the morning Ares is able to get out of the cave and reports back to Osborne that, yes, Bruce Banner can no longer turn into the Hulk. Osborne is happy about this news. Very happy. By the way, I’m writing this issue from memory so if I forgot something or put the sequence of events out of order – sorry – but this is what happened in the issue… pretty much. Onto the grade!

Rick and Bruce saying goodbye... is it just me or does Rick have a boner?

Rick and Bruce saying goodbye... is it just me or does Rick have a boner?

A Hulk issue without the Crimson Idiot?!?!? Wow! That alone gets it a better grade! I don’t know though… I still say this story is taking way too long and Loeb has screwed the pooch, sort of speak, because people are dropping this title left and right every month they release a new issue. Now that Loeb has stopped with the senseless drivel of crap like Defenders/Offenders and the story is somewhat moving along I give this issue a C. Oh, what the heck – C+

JRJR has done one of the coolest Variant Covers ever! 1:25 Variant

JRJR has done one of the coolest Variant Covers ever! 1:25 Variant

14 responses to “Hulk #13 (2009) – The Review

  1. Mercenary Nonsense

    I think loeb is going to start to get it when this issue gets better reviews then his next.

  2. Hey, has anybody notice how much Ares has changed in looks? No beard, no mohawk and his armor is different. I’m not down with his Punisher look, I like the old Ares look better. For those who don’t remember read Marvel Universe Dex Ed.#1, Thor#222 or the fantastic mini series where Avengers#281-285 fight the Olympian gods. Instead of having a Hulk comic with no Hulk, how about at least a reprint series of Hulk battles call Hulk vs. or bring back the Defenders.


  4. GET LOEB AWAY FROM THE HULK! I have interest only because I have read Hulk for years, mostly to be disappointed time and again, especially after Peter David decided to kill off Betty and you gave Wolverine bone claws. The concept of the Banner character, has, indeed, been ignored, yet what you do Marvel is string along characters’ circumstances forever, and never deliver the coolness. Some cool characters, yet frustrating, and mostly boring stories. I like the dumb green Hulk, or any Hulk related to the genius wimp, BANNER. The Red Hulk is a parasitic dickhead. You keep interest with the mystery of who this being is, and I’m assured the result will be dissapointing. 3 Hulks and She Hulks? Come on! We all understand the concept of good vs. evil with your Dark Avengers vs. Avengers, but are you trying to turn us into a bunch of Hulk’s? Can you be more original? You have too many characters who basically do the same thing. The end of the first World War Hulk sucked.

  5. How much are they charging for the JRjr Variant?

  6. Well, this is the first one I’m NOT going to buy, and it’s a sweat not to. Instead I’m going to spend £3 on an old Beano on eBay… much more depth than Red Hulk! It’ll stay this way from now until Loeb goes or improves, and I’ll rely on your excellent reviews Ratchet to keep me up to speed on what’s happening in Red Hulk… the early signs are good – let’s hope it gets better!

    Green is the Color!

  7. King Hulk Marco

    I will buck the trend and say that I liked it. Not a great issue but far better than most of the issues he has written in this series.

    I do sense the hand of Pak in this and credit him for the improvement.

    Bring it on World War Hulks Alpha & Gamma !!!!

    PS I take you have stopped collecting Skaar Son of Hulk (AKA Son of Hulk)? The reason why I asked is because you haven’t reviewed it for a while.

    • I actually am still reading Skaar AND Son of Hulk – I know I have to review it and get it on here – I’ve been lazy with all the Hulk spin-offs – but yeah, I’m reading them…

  8. King Hulk Marco

    Something else I have just discovered, if you go to the link provided and visit Gary Millar’s blog you will see a link to an indepth interview with one Greg Pak that reveals the foreseeable future of the Hulk!!!!!

    Read and weep!!!!

    The artwork, storyline’s and characterisations will keep even the most die-hard Hulk intertained!

    Don’t say I don’t do anything for you people!

  9. King Hulk Marco

    Well that is good to know!

    Quick question, did you get the Lyra mini-series as well?

  10. King Hulk Marco

    It did the job. Setup a new character. Tie-in to the dark reign storyline, has implications for Lyra’s world. Left it open for future storyline’s. I will not reveal anything storywise as i am interested in your opinion. I will say that i think the writer’s were 65% to 70% successful in what they tried to do.

  11. King Hulk Marco

    On another website they are starting to drum up interest in a Lyra vs Maestro match. The reasons they put forward are quite sound. Has it appear’s to me that Marvel employee’s checkout this website every so often please can you make this a reality. Thank you!

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