Hulk Bust (2003)

DF Hulk Bust
DF Hulk Bust

I really was not going to get this bust – I thought they were asking way too much for a sub-par rendition of the Hulk.  There is a variant of this bust that was a Towers Records Exclusive – it featured the Hulk in mid transformation and there are just two words to describe it – UG and LEE.  As with most Hulk pieces I always think of a price that I would pay for an item – and full retail was $50 – it might have been more – but I certainly wasn’t going to pay that.  Here’s the thing –  it’s not the worst bust I’ve seen – it’s just no where near the nicest.

Side View
Side View

So where does this bust go wrong?  Well, let’s begin with the biggest issue, my biggest bone of contention…  The name on the front.  I hate busts with name plates.  If you need a name plate with your bust then you shouldn’t have the bust – just my opinion… but even worse – this name blends into the base so badly that it makes no sense to even have there.

The name plate... what a waste
The name plate... what a waste

Next is the amount – the production run.  There is no way this will ever be worth anything in the future with a high production run like this one has – how many did they make you ask?  Only… 7,500.  Yes, SEVEN THOUSAND and five hundred of these silly little things out there. 

Kind of reminds me of Buscema's Hulk...
Kind of reminds me of Buscema's Hulk...

It’s too bad too – because the face sculpt isn’t half-bad!  Ultimately, Hulksters, I would say if you can get a great deal on one of these, like I did, then go for it – but otherwise… leave it on the shelf.

# 2448 out of 7,500
# 2448 out of 7,500

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9 thoughts on “Hulk Bust (2003)

  1. I ended up getting this and the mid transformation for about $20 each on Ebay.i like the transformation piece better with the ripped shirt and half banner face. There’s a bit more to look at !.

  2. Heh. I got this bust for 1 penny…plus shipping. And the shipping was very reasonable.

    It looks like they were trying to do a Sal Buscema-esque Hulk, but it just doesn’t quite do him justice (like the ToyBiz Face-Off Hulk figure does).

  3. Not a bad face sculpt, though I still don’t understand the hair highlights. MU 3 3/4 did it too…badly I might add. Why don’t they just go totally green and cut out the streaks….?

    1. I think streaks can look good – but, yeah – they didn’t do it well here – and especially not on the MU figure

  4. I love this bust … sure the name on the base is not desirable but it is so subtle you really don’t notice it much. I love the homage to the 70’s era Hulk … and I got both mine on the cheap so I was very happy!

  5. This is actually my favorite Hulk bust…I love the total 70’s vibe it has.

    Very Buscema-like IMO, and I think the shade of green is perfect.

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