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Cable #34 (1996)

Cable #34 - Written by Loeb!

Cable #34 - Written by Loeb!

I found something very interesting this past weekend – as searching some of my back issues I happened along Cable #34 written by none other than… drum roll… Jeph Loeb!  Here’s the amazing thing – it’s actually pretty good!  But there are some odd similarities to this issue and the current storyline.  See, back in 1996 the big, epic tale sweeping through the Marvel books was Onslaught – a villain unlike anything the MU had seen before – this character was so powerful that he actually took control of the Hulk’s mind.

There’s a great review of this issue right here

The issue has similarities, like I said, for instance, the Hulk actually switches between his different personalities – although here they actually seem to have a reason – and the fight with Cable is pretty badass.  But you have to wonder if PD and Loeb were on the same page with this idea – because the continuing issue was TIH #444 – and the Hulk doesn’t change personalities there.  Although, sadly, the Loeb written issue is much better than the PD one.  Anyways, go out and find this issue – it’s worth the read.  Something by Loeb that won’t make you want to tear your hair out.