So Many Great Artists Out There…

Here’s a pretty bad ass Hulk image – Hulk with Puss.. ummm… kitty.  I think the Hulk would name his cat “Cat”.  Because, why not?

4 responses to “So Many Great Artists Out There…

  1. King Hulk Marco

    Interesting artwork. Reminds me of the guy who does the artwork for Damen Alban’s (from band Blur) side project The Gorillaz.

    Also I have intersting news to share with you all …..


    Incredible Hulk # 602 Skaar vs Juggernaut!

    Incredible Hulk # 603 Banner & Skaar vs Wolverine & Daken!

    Incredible Hulk # 604 Banner & Skaar vs Harpy!
    It looks like Betty Ross Talbot Banner is back! In the backup story it looks like Lyra is trying to find Jennifer Walters after her disappearance in Incredible Hulk # 600. Could Jennifer Walters be the new Red She-Hulk? Hhhmmmm ……………….

    PS In a upcoming issue of Son of Hulk, Hiro Kala (Skaar’s twin brother) looks like he is going to come closest to kicking Galactus’ shiny purple butt!

    Hiro Kala Strongest One There Is?

    Your thoughts?

  2. King Hulk Marco

    Has mentioned before, the artwork is quite interesting. I’d like to see this guy do other piece’s. Yep! Hiro Kala takes on Galactus in November. Story is being done by Paul
    Jenkins. Should be interesting to see where the character goes from here.

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