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A Week of Valkyrie – Wednesday Parts I & II (Defenders #4/#66)

Hulk Stuff again 005

So – The Defenders were an interesting group.  It all starts with Strange, Namor and the Hulk – and sometimes the Surfer – but this was an unbeatable group – mainly because these guys were the heavy hitters in the MU – Groups have a hard time beating just one of them – never mind when they all get together!  So, in issue #4 they started what would be a common practice in the Defenders – something called “the revolving door cast of characters”.  Here comes Valkyrie!  And she must like that pose because the has it again in Defenders #66.

Hulk Stuff again 008

By the way, I’m having fun going through the back issues of Hulk and others to show to you – I’m thinking about doing either the Thing or Abomination next – what do you guys think – do you like this feature – and who else, in the Hulk universe, would you like to see?