A Week of Valkyrie – Wednesday Parts I & II (Defenders #4/#66)

Hulk Stuff again 005

So – The Defenders were an interesting group.  It all starts with Strange, Namor and the Hulk – and sometimes the Surfer – but this was an unbeatable group – mainly because these guys were the heavy hitters in the MU – Groups have a hard time beating just one of them – never mind when they all get together!  So, in issue #4 they started what would be a common practice in the Defenders – something called “the revolving door cast of characters”.  Here comes Valkyrie!  And she must like that pose because the has it again in Defenders #66.

Hulk Stuff again 008

By the way, I’m having fun going through the back issues of Hulk and others to show to you – I’m thinking about doing either the Thing or Abomination next – what do you guys think – do you like this feature – and who else, in the Hulk universe, would you like to see?

6 responses to “A Week of Valkyrie – Wednesday Parts I & II (Defenders #4/#66)

  1. Do Moonstone!

  2. King Hulk Marco

    Moonstone’s a good choice now that she is the new Ms. Marvel. I would like to see Tigershark myself. Good news! Looks like I am a lucky so &
    So. Lyra vs Maestro is on the cards and will happen sooner rather than later. Thanx Joe Q!

  3. King Hulk Marco

    Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, leader, leader, leader. The Leader is coming back to Marvel! He will be back in time for World War Hulks which will be in 2010. Thank you Joey Q!

  4. King Hulk Marco

    Yeah! Lets go full on old school! Add to the list rhino, thing, juggy, abomination, absorbing man, sandman, tigershark, mandarin and all the other classic characters!

  5. Holy crap she kicks butt! If they re-launched a series tailored to her (maybe clean up the back story a little – my it gets confusing) and did a movie with Reese Witherspoon, Marvel might just get the female demographic they’ve been coveting.

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