A Week of Valkyrie – Friday (Defenders #27)

Hulk Stuff again 006

Let’s end this week with a great cover featuring the one and only Hulk saving Valkyrie.  Because – well, heck, why not – Valkyrie may be a powerful, scary woman with a bad-ass attitude – but she still needs the Hulk to come to the rescue every once in a while – to which he answers that call!

This was a fun week – I have next week’s character all set – it will be interesting to try and get a full week out of a few of these foes!

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4 thoughts on “A Week of Valkyrie – Friday (Defenders #27)

  1. I always loved Valkyrie, she was marvels female version of Thor as well as Marvel version Wonder woman. There are so many stories that can be made with these Defenders characters. It’s just dumb that Marvel does’nt use them, like they used to death the X-men, UGH.

  2. I know what you mean.

    I do think that Marvel should do a Lady Liberator’s 12 issue mini series with Val, Thundra, She-Hulk etc.

    Who is with me on this?

  3. I would snap up a Lady Liberators miniseries in a heartbeat. And I see Reese Witherspoon as Valkyrie on the big screen (though I imagine they’ll have to simplify her back story a tad, fewer possessions more misogynist pig ass-kicking).

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