Alright – who wants a “No Prize?”

Hulk Boo 001

I love bad movies – bad, bad movies – but boy was I surprised when I saw this image in the movie I was watching!  Alright – so here’s the No Prize opportunity:

  • Name the movie
  • Name the Actor in the front seat
  • Identify the issue number of the Incredible Hulk that is being read

Good Luck!  If anyone gets this – it will probably be Hulk #465… but we’ll see – I will be really shocked if anyone gets all the answers…  Answer posted on Monday!  As well as the review for Son of Hulk #13/14…

11 responses to “Alright – who wants a “No Prize?”

  1. Damn, I hate it when your right, lol. Name: Fandango, Actor: Kevin Costner, Issue: Inc Hulk#128. Do I get a No Prize?

  2. Sam Robards?

  3. Judd Nelson

  4. Ah, I thought Nelson was the bearded dude on the right. The man of a thousand faces of the 80s!

  5. King Hulk Marco

    I haven’t seen this movie so I couldn’t comment.

    Any good?

    • Pretty forgettable – but then again – I like to watch bad movies every once in a while – can’t say I’d recommend it – but there are some funny moments

  6. King Hulk Marco

    That is probably as fair an assessment has I can hope for my friend.

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