Hulk #14 (2009) – The Review

Hulk #14

Hulk #14

I’m not sure I want to admit this – I’ll have a hard time even typing this – I didn’t think this issue was half bad…  Listen, if you take in account Mr. Gary Miller’s theory about the Red Hulk – which I think is pretty damn accurate – then this issue is a bit better.  If I wasn’t so sure he was correct I’d probably be just as aggravated with the whole, at this point ridiculous, “Who is the Red Hulk” storyline.  But theorizing you know what you know – the issue reads a bit better.  For example – every time you see Ross (MODOCK) speaking – just picture MODOCK (Ross-LMD) saying all that to Ross (Red Hulk).  It makes so much more sense… wait, does that make sense, what I just posted?

The Red She-Hulk Variant - also the most useless since she doesn't even appear in this issue

The Red She-Hulk Variant - also the most useless since she doesn't even appear in this issue

1 in 20 Variant

1 in 20 Variant

 So, this issue starts with Domino seeing something she’s not supposed to see – who the Red Hulk is!  He chases after her, ready to kill her off – but she gets away in the end.  As the Red Hulk argues about going after her with Samson and Ross (although – let’s just call him LMD for short 🙂 ) Ross – I mean, LMD tells Red Hulk to assemble a team together to take Domino out.  First up?  Deadpool!

Red Hulk taking down Deadpool robots...

Red Hulk taking down Deadpool robots...

Deadpool is busy fighting off a bunch of LMD’s of himself.  When Red Hulk arrives he starts taking all the robots out until he finds the real Deadpool.  He offers him money to join his team and Deadpool obliges (Look, I know a lot of people LIKE Deadpool nowadays – and he’s a character that’s funny and cool – but I don’t get the hype surrounding him – I really don’t!)  Next up is locating Castle – the Punisher.  Red Hulk offers him intelligence because money wouldn’t work with him – with Thundra and a Russian Iron Man knock-off, all they are waiting for is Electra to complete their team.  Wait, if the Red Hulk took down a Hellicarrier and faced off against 5 of the strongest women in the MU – why does he need a team to take down Domino?

The Punisher takes on the Red Hulk

The Punisher takes on the Red Hulk

Maybe because when they do find Domino she has a  team herself – X-Force.  I still think Loeb’s writing leaves a lot to be desired – and this whole “mystery” thing is wearing paper thin.  But – one of the worst things?  This issue has an ultra-rare 1 in 200 variant with Deadpool on the cover.  No, I didn’t get one – but I know the sales figures will be very inflated because of it.  Anyways, this issue gets a solid C+

Is this the kind of crap Deadpool fans laugh at?  Just asking...

Is this the kind of crap Deadpool fans laugh at? Just asking...

6 responses to “Hulk #14 (2009) – The Review

  1. Once again, I don’t buy that Punisher pushed that knife into Rulk’s chest BS. I wonder if Superman ever has these problems with Deathstroke pushing a knife into Superman’s chest? By the way Domino blew a hole the size of a basket ball in Deadpool chest and left him for dead back in the day. So I’m sure he wants payback.

  2. Here’s a question. Why does Loeb think X-force will be a threat when RHulk has beaten teams and beings of far greater power and skill than all of X-Force combined?

  3. King Hulk Marco

    Simple answer to that, X-Force are the new, hot, cool X-men team (read commerically successful) so that want a bit of that success to rub off on the Loeb title.

  4. Mercenary Nonsense

    the hype behind deadpool i think is he’s funnier then spiderman and is just as kick ass as wolverine and people are just starting to discover and pass the word of this guy like they would be surprised such a great character has been here for i think 18 years and never heard of him

  5. it depends whos writing Pool….some writers just aren’t that funny. 🙂

  6. what is a lmd and who is the red hulk it don’t make sense the more the hide the more it makes you sayt forget it as much as i like the hulk it makes me say what the hell who is he. we want to know now not later and later.

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