A Week of Cobalt-Man! – Monday (Defenders #43)

cobalt hulk 013

This will actually be a short week since I am in my Brother-in-law’s wedding this Friday.  So it will be a short Mon-Wed week – but it’s perfect to showcase a great character that I love!  Cobalt man!  I’m already switching things up here – not only is this NOT Cobalt man’s first appearance – but this isn’t even the first time CM (That’s what I call him – y’know, cause we’re good friends and all) and the Hulk even met!  I love this issue though so check it out!  Next up will be Hulk’s first scuffle with the blue guy!

2 responses to “A Week of Cobalt-Man! – Monday (Defenders #43)

  1. I love CM too, but he wasn’t A Hulk villain first. That honor goes to the X-Men#31 in a different armor. That’s ish you have is a classic Defenders story, with Rhino, Solar and Egg Head in the story line too. Seeing that cover just makes me wish of younger days. On another note did you get Hulk/Nova SHS?

    • Haven’t found that shs yet – but yes, CM is not originally a Hulk villian – he’s a X-Men and Iron Man villain – I just thought that, since I can only post until Wednesday, that I’d post his covers vs. the Hulk.

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