Clash of Furies (2009) – The Review

Lyra - really mad...
Lyra - really mad...

So, here’s the back-up story in TIH #601 – and I’ll be straight darned if it ain’t pretty dang good!  I mean, are we really going to have all these Hulk bastards running around?  And I mean the technical term bastard – not the mean spirited slang word…  so Lyra (Hulk’s child with Thundra) is looking for She-Hulk.  Her superiors tell her that they don’t know where she is – nor do they know when she’ll be around.  a young, puppy love sticken soldier named Alexander is out to impress and tells Lyra that he knows where Jen Walters was last (we also know thanks to TIH #600) and off they go to Death Valley.

Alexander copping a feel - what a dog!
Alexander copping a feel - what a dog!

As they head out, Alexander makes his move and slips Lyra the tongue.  Alright, maybe it was a bit more modest of a kiss – but all of a sudden a female Zzaxx shows up.  She takes the ship down and does major damage to Alexander.  Lyra asks Boudicca to get her and Alex out of there – but she says because of the electricmagnetic jamming – she cannot.  She tells Lyra that her 3 new foes are female versions of – get reay for this – Abomination, Zzaxx and the Glob.  That’s right – the freakin’ GLOB!  Remember him from issues #121 and, a great issue, #129.  Since it’s easier to tell you the rest of the story knowing the new foes names – I will tell you them now.  The female Abomination is called “Abberation” (I think I could have thought of a better name), the Glob lady is called “Morass” (Insert big ass joke here), and the female Zzaxx is Axon.

So, Lyra swears to get Alexander out of there safely – but Abberation attacks her from behind saying that Norman Osborn sends his regards.  Lyra, getting angrier, attacks.  But Morass surrounds her and traps her with her goopy body – wow, that sounds bad doesn’t it? – but while Lyra is distracted Axon kills Alexander.  Lyra swears she will kill them all.  The 3 foes are told to stop playing around by none other than… Gen. Ryker!  You read right – Gen. Ryker – who, it seems, is back to his old tricks because he tells Gamma Corp: Black to get Lyra back to base so he can start the genetic harvest – sounds like Ryker is back up to his old tricks!  Good stuff!  Grade: B

Ryker is back... man, this guy sucks as a human being.
Ryker is back... man, this guy sucks as a human being.

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5 thoughts on “Clash of Furies (2009) – The Review

  1. What can I say? I told you guys MONTHS ago that Lyra was a better creation than was given credit for. I did say she one character to watch for the future. Damn, I am good!

    The art and the whole visual style really suits the character really well. The storytelling is top notch too. If they can do something half has good with Betty Ross (Ultimate She-Hulk) & Red She-Hulk I will be a happy man.

    In my last post from last night I said :

    I still wouldn’t rule Ryker out as Rulk though. Remember, the only thing for sure, is nothing is for sure. Though that possibilty is now slim. Ryker is connected to the gamma soldier program of MODOK & AIM somehow, somewhere. Remember the Gamma Corp’s first mission was to kill Flux who was being experimented by (drumroll please) AIM.

    I stand by that.

    The only reason I can think for Ross (if he is Red Hulk) would help MODOK besides getting revenge on Hulk/Banner is to revive Betty and since we know that Harpy is coming back in Incredible Hulk #604 I would say that he is successful.

    Red She-Hulk would be either be Jen Walters, Thundra (her mysterious deal with Red-Hulk still stands – remember her daughter is a She-Hulk, plus she now has the hots for Jen. It would also help explain the strange hair colouring). Or two left field choices, Marlo Chandler (Rick Jones’ wife) or Lucy Ryker (Gen. John Ryker’s wife – she whose battle with cancer started the General’s war with the Hulk!

  2. The Harpy in the Hulk comic were just LMD’s – robots – what makes you think the Harpy in TIH isn’t a robot? Or that MODOCK has changed someone else into the Harpy?

    Can’t say I agree with your assessments – but we will have to see how things pan out.

    One thing – I can’t see them making Ryker the Red Hulk because he hasn’t even appeared in the Hulk comic – why would they introduce him in another storyline only to bring him over to the Hulk comic as the Red Hulk? That would make no sense…

    I still have to side with Ross simply because no one else in the Hulk Universe would be such an impacting figure – never mind what a blow it would be since Ross has spent his life trying to destroy the Hulk. Everything the Red Hulk has said can easily be applied to Ross. Ryker not so much – the “broken heart” comment he made in #11 or #12 doesn’t really make sense for Ryker to say. But it makes perfect sense with Ross – whose daughter died – and which also makes sense to why the story opened up with the Abomination being killed. Who else had such a grudge against the Abomination? Ryker Certainly didn’t…

    Food for thought on your theory…

  3. All I’m saying that Ryker is still my backup choice in case Ross doesn’t turn to be Rulk. Regarding the Harpy/Betty Ross it is hinted in the blurb that it is the real Harpy. We already had the robot Harpies why would you have more of the same? What would be the payoff? Gamma rays effect each person differently. It has proven to be next to impossible to recreate an identical hulk, abomination, leader, samson etc. Each attempt has had differences, flaws etc. See the original Gamma Corps has proof.

  4. Correct! Another thing, why would Betty Ross be turned into Red She-Hulk when that character was turned into the She-Hulk of the Ultimate universe only a couple of months ago? Why repeat the same idea so soon? Where’s the payoff? Loeb & Pak are all about surprises. Where’s the shock value? Ross coming back as the Harpy fits in with the Fantastic Force mini series. Where as the Harpy she meets the grown up son she had with Bruce. Kid’s name is Robert Bruce Banner Jr and he is also a Hulk-like being.

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