A Week of Absorbing Man – Thursday (TIH #261)

I just love this cover – I know there are a few issues between #125 and this one – but I freakin’ LOVE the placement of the characters on the cover!  And – maybe some of you can’t recognize the style – but the artist on the cover?  The one and only Frank Miller.  Yes! Continue reading “A Week of Absorbing Man – Thursday (TIH #261)”

Ultimate Hulk / Iron Man Mini Mates (2009)

Ultimate Human was a recent mini-series that was probably one of the most enjoyable Hulk stories for a while.  The Ultimate Hulk is a controversial character at best – some love him, others think it’s a little too much – having him eat human flesh and all – but I think you’d be hard pressedContinue reading “Ultimate Hulk / Iron Man Mini Mates (2009)”