A Week of Iron Man – The Invincible Iron Man #76

Believe it or not – this is the cover to not only IM #76 – but this cover first appeared in IM #9!  Look here: Cover Browser and this isn’t even the Hulk – nope, just an android! Now, I just bought #76 – I don’t have #9 yet – so I’m not sure ifContinue reading “A Week of Iron Man – The Invincible Iron Man #76”

Marvel Universe Red Hulk Figure (2009)

I wasn’t sure if I should post this… the comments I will get… but the truth is that I’m hoping the Red Hulk, in the hands of a better writer, will become a cool Hulk foe.  Of course they will have to explain the color and tone down his powers a bit.  I mean, heContinue reading “Marvel Universe Red Hulk Figure (2009)”