Giant Size Wolverine: Old Man Logan (2009) – The Review

Old Man Logan - GREAT cover!

Old Man Logan - GREAT cover!

Old Man Logan was a welcoming surprise – a futuristic vision of the future that has the villains in control of the country.  As cool as that seems – they also made our favorite Jade Giant one of those villains.  On the one hand it makes a lot of sense to have the Hulk as one of the remaining Marvel characters in control – because when it comes down to it – who can beat the Hulk? …Well, we’ll have to get back to that question.  But they made the Hulk family an inbreeding clan of hicks that bully their territory into paying them rents.  The original storyline ended with Wolverine’s family being slaughtered by the Banners and Wolverine, who hadn’t popped his claws in a life-time, ready to get some payback.

Logan loves Kool-Aid!  Cherry!

Logan loves Kool-Aid! Cherry!

And payback he gets as page after page we are treated to gruesome shots of Wolverine taking out members of the Banner clan.  He is on a rampage so brutal I can’t even show some of the pictures… but man, it’s freakin awesome to see!  So Wolvie uses the Fantastic-Car and a bomb to take out most of the brood.  Then he calls Banner out of his cave.  Banner strolls out of the cave and the two “heroes” begin to punch each other.  Banner says that he wanted Logan to come all along – he’s missed their fights.  But Wolverine remedies that real quick when he skewer’s Banner right through the chest.

Banner - looking like the creepy guy next door...

Banner - looking like the creepy guy next door...

I think Logan just crapped himself... I know I would

I think Logan just crapped himself... I know I would

But that only infuriates Bruce and makes him Hulk out.  He grabs Wolverine and eats him.  The only problem is Wolverine’s healing factor.  As Hulk’s last remaining adult offspring (there is little Baby Bruce left as well) arrives at the cave the Hulk begins to double over in pain.  Logan comes slashing out of the Hulk’s innards.  The issue ends with Wolverine heading off to take on all the other villains left – with Little baby Bruce strapped to his back.

Logan - tastes like chicken...

Logan - tastes like chicken...

Escape from the Hulk

Escape from the Hulk

This storyline was too entertaining to not love everything about it!  I’m excited to see if they continue to follow Logan’s return and where this series goes… Grade: A

1:20 McGuiness Variant - I like it!

1:20 McGuiness Variant - I like it!


26 responses to “Giant Size Wolverine: Old Man Logan (2009) – The Review

  1. as soon as i saw this post, i just had to get it, the hulk+gore=SWEET. still gotta get the 1:20 though, are those the only two variants?

  2. hulk deserved this i’m a fan of hulk but he could of eneded the whole villian world thing if he stepped in but no wolverine and baby hulk have to do it

  3. Once Wolvie is free from Hulk’s body and takes the baby, does anyone really believe that Hulk is dead? Question: Who’s got a better healing factor Hulk or Wolverine? To all you Wolvie fans, has Logan ever been atomized and came back? The Hulk did in the form of Maestro. Wolvie comics like to brag the he heals, so what, Hulk healing factor is better. I guess it does say Wolverine on the cover, right? Maybe there should be a sequel to this ish called Giant-Size Hulk: Dead Man Logan.

    • technically Wolverine shouldn’t have survived this, his healing factor was de-powered so he’s not immortal, he should not have survived hulk eating him because wolverine agreed to have his Healing factor de-powered to regain a part of his soul

      • when was that?

      • I don’t know what issue it was but I read it in the Big book of wolverine I can’t remember what the name of it was but it was like a 700 page book they said in it that “…in recent issues of Wolverine Wolverine fought the Archangel of death and traded his immortality for a part of his soul.”

    • I would like to see that issue 🙂

      I was just disscussing this same exact thing with my friend today. This series – as entertaining as it is – certainly had its flaws in continuity…

      • This was in Wolverine 57-61. They seem to
        be adding too much to Wolverine’s back
        story. It was better when there was a little
        mystery to him.
        I believe Old Man Logan’s storyline
        continued in the Fantastic Four story also
        written by Millar where he is the Hooded
        Man and he raised the baby Hulk.

      • Mr.Hulk_smashin'! (Hulk-man)

        That would make sense but isn’t he phsyically younger in the Fantastic Force storyline?

  4. I read the Fantastic Four storyline but haven’t
    read the Fantastic Force comic yet. It’s possible
    his healing factor kicked in. I don’t know if the
    timelines in Old Man Logan and the Fantastic
    Future line up exactly if that makes any sense.
    Could also be artistic license. McNiven has a more
    ” gritty ” style as opposed to Hitch / Immonen .
    Or just a goof an Marvel’s part.

  5. Just to let you guys know, in Fantastic Force it is stated by the Hooded Man (Old Man Logan) that Hulk Jr is the son Bruce & Betty has I mentioned previously. He says this when the original Harpy turns up as a pawn of Mother Gaea.

    In Old Man Logan, Hulk states all his kids are the result of him doing the horizintal mambo with his cousin Jennifer Walters.

    So did Logan lie to protect Hulk Jr? Or did Betty Ross survive the end of the world? Or is Hulk Jr the end product of Hulk getting it in on with Jen Walters or one of his daughter’s/grand-daughter’s or even one of the prostitute’s we saw in the story?

    Be afraid people!

  6. Has mentioned we don’t know.

    They did promise a big surprise at the end of Fantastic Force. Hulk Jr was supposed to take the gamma transformation to the next level (think super saiyan to super saiyan 2 in Dragonball Z).

    It didn’t happen, I didn’t see it anyway.

    All we got was a Logan making Mother Gaea pregnant (Logan now has reached God-like/Demi-God Status? I get confused which).

    Confusing though interesting mini-series.

    PS I have full info on World War Hulks. Not sure whether to to reveal or not.

    You guys tell me what you want.

    • I know for one – I try not to give spoilers until the issues are out – I try not to read any spoilers – I like to actually read the comics and get the surprises there. Much like my movies – I don’t read anything or watch anything that might give anything away – for example – I change the channel when the trailers for Where the Wild Things Are come on – because I don’t want to see anything.

  7. Okay. I will keep it a secret. Did you read the reviews I did for the new title called Hulk Team Up & Marvel Spotlight for the Ultimate Universe?

  8. I did read the review – I will be posting one soon – I know it’s late – but better late than never!

  9. Well, I did it for both to make it easier for you guys. Also, Dark Reign – Made Men one shot came out last week. Amongst the stories covered was what happened to the original Gamma Corps? Interesting stuff. Also again no- one has picked up the fact that in Hulk #601 in the Lyra backup story that she is ultimately responsible for her world’s fate. Due to the fact she had previously told Norman Osborn what was going to happen in the future. Same thing happened in T1 & T2 films. Most impressed by Van Lente!

  10. PS Last thing for today. No one picked up the fact that Rick Jones probably had his memories wiped by MODOK when he was held as a prisoner due to the fact that he never revealed Red Hulk’s id when he had the chance to Bruce after the events of #600.

  11. Could be, though I don’t think so. Watch out for the prequel to World War Hulks will be Hulk-The
    List. This comes out before World War Hulks – Alpha & Gamma.

  12. How does one eat an Adamantium skeleton, anyway?

  13. Hated this garbage. This story basically craps all over the Hulk. The only way I can see somebody liking it is if they’re a fan of Wolverine, but not the Hulk.

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