A Week of Iron Man – Iron Man #304 & #305

It’s hard to believe that Hulkbuster Armor wasn’t always a part of Iron Man’s artillery – but here was the debut!  The first time Stark pulled out the stops and created a suit of armor specifically to take on the Hulk!  Not that it worked per say – sure there were a whole new slewContinue reading “A Week of Iron Man – Iron Man #304 & #305”

Universal Hulk Figures (2003)

I can’t tell you much about these figures.  I have been searching all over but haven’t come up with much.  So here’s what I do know… I won a lot of about 30 figures in an ebay auction.  I scored a few gems – but most of the lot was beat up and pretty destroyed. Continue reading “Universal Hulk Figures (2003)”