Universal Hulk Figures (2003)

A Little Lost Hulk Figure

A Little Lost Hulk Figure

I can’t tell you much about these figures.  I have been searching all over but haven’t come up with much.  So here’s what I do know… I won a lot of about 30 figures in an ebay auction.  I scored a few gems – but most of the lot was beat up and pretty destroyed.  While looking through the figures I came across these two Hulk figures I haven’t seen before.  I immediately went to my go to Hulk-atics on this – you might know them, (they host these sites here and here) but the unfortunately these guys couldn’t shed any more light on these figures.  That’s when I knew my searches were fruitless – if my Hulk peeps didn’t have any info – then no one would.

It's almost like they are "John Doe" Hulks...

It's almost like they are "John Doe" Hulks...

So, these two figures feel like soft, cheap rubber.  They are light, hollow with extremely limited articulation (only the head and arms move), but I must say I kind of like the paint application.  The figures look somewhat like the 2003 movie figures – just a crappier version of them.  My best guess is that these figures were exclusive to the Universal Studios Theme Park – they were released during the 2003 movie and last but not least – they were probably WAY over priced when they were released.  If anyone knows anything else about these figures please feel free to leave a comment below or just email me the info!

They do look a bit "special needs" don't they?

They do look a bit "special needs" don't they?

7 responses to “Universal Hulk Figures (2003)

  1. They look like oversea sale figs, I saw something similar in brazil, but smaller. On another note where’s your review of Marvel Zombie Return#4? And I thought that Ultimate Hulk was bad, this earth-Z KingHulk is greedy for people meat.

  2. Hey Ratch-they look like Mexican “bootlegs” that I saw on ebay a few years back,when the 2003 movie came out.

  3. SPOILER ALERT…………I would say so. It’s King Hulk vs. a Galactus powered zombie Antman and reg Inhuman zombies. Then it’s Zombie King Hulk vs. Sentry. Hey if you do pick it up please let me know if Hulk is really running superfast out of the Attilian city on the moon?

  4. So – I agree these figures look cheap and boot legg-ish – but is there a possibility they could be from Universal Studios? Or is that way off base?

  5. I’d a thought that if they were the genuine article they would have the toy maker’s name imprinted on their person.

  6. Hey Ratch–thanks for the plug for my site! You’re the best! I can’t believe I made the cut for your list of Hulk Peeps! They very well may be Universal Studios exclusives…or bootlegs.

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