Daily Archives: September 30, 2009

Check this out…

I’m sticking with Ross as the Red Hulk – and completely yawning my way through the reveal – but here’s a different point of view – I don’t agree with his assessment – but it’s fun to read anyways.  Click on Clay above…


A Week of the Thing – Giant Sized Superstars #1

Hulk wow 006

This is a tough comic to find.  This is also the ONLY Giant Sized Superstars issue to ever come out – the title was changed to Giant Sized Fantastic Four after this… this is a classic Rich Buckler drawn issue.  Pick this issue up when you can – but take a look at this cover!  The Thing is actually whopping Hulk’s butt!  What?!?  But this is a really fun issue – take a look here for a closer look inside.