A Week of the Thing – Marvel Feature Presents #11

Hulk wow 008

You might remember Marvel Features as the comic that introduced the world to the Defenders in its first 3 issues – but the other issue of interest is this little guy here – #11 – also the issue included in the Marvel Legends Masterworks!

6 responses to “A Week of the Thing – Marvel Feature Presents #11

  1. look at the cover of Fall of hulks:Gamma is the Rulk fighting on the Hulk side?

  2. King Hulk Marco

    Yes! Also bruce becomes hulk again. Team Hulk as skaar, red hulk, a-bomb, samson, lyra, red she-hulk & jen walters. Team MODOK as leader, dr doom, wizard, mad thinker w/ amesome android, red ghost w/ 3 original super-apes & original egghead by the looks of it.

  3. King Hulk Marco

    PS I have emailed Greg Pak directly & told him straight it is going to be a massacre against the villains as they are mostly weak, feeble old men who will squabble amongst themselves. Team Hulk has brains + brawn + exotic weapons & powers. Mr Pak has so far refused to put my fears to rest.

  4. Hey Ratchet how is you kid we haven’t hared much about her?

  5. King Hulk Marco

    I have to agree, how is the young lady? Plenty of sleepless nights or is she a good sleeper?

  6. Yeah, man! Baby update!

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