Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes Volume 1 – Hard Knocks

Fantastic Four DVD
Fantastic Four DVD

This was Marvel’s attempt to cash in on the Manga mania that was taking the world by storm.  The animation is very different than the 2005 cartoon.  It starts with Sue and Johnny discussing the mystery man that showed up and disappeared into Reed’s lab with him.  They’re about to go spy on them when a huge explosion has them running in to see what happened.  There they are met with the Hulk and an unconscious Reed.  The Thing and Hulk begin to battle.

The Thing - doing his best "Carrie" impression!
The Thing - doing his best "Carrie" impression!

The Hulk takes on Thing pretty easy and then handles the Torch.  But Sue holds him inside a force field until Ben wakes up.  Then, Ben tackles the Hulk right out the wall and they fall to the street below.  The Torch goes after them to see what he can do – but when Ben gets up he sees the Hulk still ready to fight.  Reed wakes up and asks where Bruce is.  Sue says that she thinks the Hulk ate him.  He tells Sue to get down there and help Ban and Johnny and he will be there in a second.  Meanwhile, Grimm face plants the Hulk into the ground.  For that the Hulk throws a mailbox and a popcorn vendor’s cart at him.  Then the two behemoths throw cars back and forth while Johnny makes wise cracks.  Only until the Hulk smashes the Thing with a van and then extinguishes Johnny with a fire hydrant.  Sue comes to the rescue again.  She tries to end the fight with a force field around the head, cutting off his air – but it’s Reed with a device that affects his inner ear and knocks him out that ends the Hulk’s rampage.

The two Monsters battle!
The two Monsters battle!

They four team members watch as the Hulk turns back into Bruce.  Reed gives them the rundown of the Hulk’s origin.  A slew of Helicopters are heading right toward the Baxter Building.  Meanwhile, the Thing begs Bruce to give him a rematch but Reed comes him and tells him that he doesn’t have a cure.  Bruce says he needs to leave because “they” will becoming for him.  They ask who THEY is – but they learn soon enough as a whole army of soldiers infiltrate the building.  Reed and Torch try as they might to hold them off but ultimately they are caught.  As well as Bruce and Thing.  The leader tells Bruce that thanks to him they will have 5 weapons at their disposal rather than one.

The REAL enemy!  Agent Pratt!
The REAL enemy! Agent Pratt!

While the soldiers are loading in their new cargo they tell Agent Pratt, the leader, that they can’t find the Invisible Woman.  And there is a reason for that – because she’s invisible.  Sue has been watching the whole time and breaks her family free.  She buys them enough time for the FF to wake up and start fighting.  But the team still gets Bruce loaded into the helicopter and takes off…

FF to the Rescue!
FF to the Rescue!

The FF goes after Bruce – but as they close in Agent Pratt calls in reinforcements to take care of them.  Sue and Johnny takes care of the jets while Reed and Ben cover the ground and try to break Bruce free.  They get him out  – but huge tanks with huge guns are right there ready to fire – until Ben tells Bruce to get mad and let out the Hulk.  He does and hits The Thing first.  Go figure.  But the Thing uses this to his advantage and antagonizes the Hulk into trying to get him – while destroying the tanks and soldiers at the same time!

The Thing sliding into first...
The Thing sliding into first...

The Hulk destroys everything – and even tells Pratt to leave him alone – to which Pratt replies “okay” in fear.  Before Hulk jumps off Ben tells him that one day they need to have a re-match – only in arm wrestling.

Hulk being caught red-handed!  Or green handed!
Hulk being caught red-handed! Or green handed!

I’ve got to say – this show was great!  Not only the is the mix of computer and classic animation amazing – but the humor in the story was great!  This is a episode – and the show is pretty darn entertaining!  Grade:  A-

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5 thoughts on “Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes Volume 1 – Hard Knocks

  1. This was a good episode! Did you notice at the end when they are taking Pratt away that there’s a guy that looks like General Ross.

    He has no speaking parts but I’m guessing that’s him anyway.

  2. you know if you get nicktoons network you don’t have to buy the DVDs same with disney XD they(Disney XD) have The Incredible Hulk 90’s series on at 1 in the morning, and Nicktoons network is premiering Fantastic Four tonight

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