Hulk #15 (2009) – The Review

Hulk #15

Hulk #15

I wasn’t even going to bother reviewing this – wasn’t even going to post it – because, and stick with me here, this comic book is a joke!  Do the “fans” of this comic realize just how ridiculous this story is?  All flash – no substance!  I swear I could walk into any Elementary School and ask any of the students there to tell me a Hulk story – and they could do a better job!

Apparently, when you have an all-powerful being - you send in Wolverine.

Apparently, when you have an all-powerful being - you send in Wolverine.

Why?  Why, you ask?  Why am I being so harsh?  Alright, follow me here… Since the Red Hulk was introduced he has handled every heavy hitter that Marvel has – even killing an Elder – but in this issue we are treated to the biggest insult so far…

The Red Hulk is blind - and beaten...

The Red Hulk is blind - and beaten...

The Red Hulk beat Thor – he beat the Hulk!  He beat Silver Surfer!  The freakin’ Surfer!  A cosmic being!  But who gets the better of the Red Hulk in a fight?  Wolverine.  Yup, Wolverine.  Wolverine hasn’t even bested the Hulk – and the Hulk isn’t anywhere near as powerful as the Surfer!  Wolverine tangling with the Surfer?  Don’t make me laugh… yet – a character who beat the Surfer in ONE PANEL was hurt by Wolverine.

The Red She Hulk... Ho-Hum

The Red She Hulk... Ho-Hum

I can’t even begin to review this drivel… oh, wait – here it is… the X-Force battles the Red Hulk’s team until Deadpool and the Punisher blow the Diner up – then the Wolverine is knocked out by the Red She Hulk who finally makes her appearance… – oh wait, I forgot – Wolverine sliced the Red Hulk’s eyes, blinding the guy… and the Red Hulk’s inner monologue reveals he’s starting to feel bad about his actions in the last few years of comics – this is the set-up for the Red Hulk to become the Anti-hero… excuse me while I yawn


Hulk #15 Variant

Hulk #15 Variant

I feel like I was ripped off.  Even before when I bought these comics I felt like it was going to go somewhere – I was waiting to see what happened – but I think I have finally lost all interest in this crap that Loeb continues to put out.  Grade: F

23 responses to “Hulk #15 (2009) – The Review

  1. sounds Like SHIT!

  2. I gave up buying these with issue 13, and I’m not regretting it one bit – especially as Greg Pak’s new Incredible Hulks are quite fun. I can’t believe how much Marvel have milked the Wolverine-Hulk story: let it lie, please!!

  3. eww, finally read the issue…this is getting weaker and weaker with each passing months…and what about that last line from Rulks monologue…” time to be the Hero” straight out of the Dark Knight movie…the writing is so unbelievebly bad and the comic is just one big giant action scene sequence…well just like all the other previous issues…1/10.

    farts jokes by Deadpool…really funny..*rolls eyes*

  4. King Hulk Marco

    Has mentioned by an astute Hulk fan on another website – Red Hulk in the Hulk universe is becoming the equivalent of Venom from the 90’s in the Spider-man universe. Which, by my reckoning if true they have to introduce an all-powerful new Hulk (possibly Blue or Purple) to fill the role of Carnage.

  5. She-Rulk=the person who rulk is hunting

  6. Ratchet if you hate it stop buying it that way if the sales drop tons Marvel will stop making it

  7. King Hulk Marco

    PS It has been noted by astute fans out there of the similarities between the current storyline in Hulk & the Green Lantern ie. multiple Hulk’s of different colours & multiple ring bearers with different coloured rings. Ye Gods! Loeb’s presence is everywhere!

  8. King Hulk Marco

    Connor – if you are still on check out what I said to Greg Pak on other blog – Hulk vs Thing.

  9. Hullo. I’m the newbie from Hulkspace, following your link here.
    I have to say I think you’re being a bit hard on this issue! Have the past issues coloured your overall view that much? Is Rulk a scapegoat that people love to hate? Is this the Worst. Episode. Ever? #15 isn’t great by any stretch, but I’ve personally seen much, much worse.

    Wolverine ‘besting’ Rulk. Well, no. Not exactly. He raked his claws over Rulk’s eyes, temporarily blinding him, while Rulk was much too complacent and off-guard; for which the canucklehead got punted into the East River. There’s a leedle bit of difference.
    In any case, welcome to my world! Wolverine used to to be a little guy with claws who got better a bit quicker than everyone else. These days he’s some godlike figure who can massacre armies without breaking a sweat and can regenerate from being blasted down to his metal skeleton by nukes. Forget the Sentry – this guy is Marvel’s ‘Superman’. This aspect of him has been annoying me for ages, and you’ve only noticed now? You didn’t think the fanboy favourite would be allowed to at least tag the Hulk, especially when this Hulk is a villain?
    Power levels in the Marvel U. swing wildly anyway, according to the situation and writer. The Hulk being ‘The Strongest One There Is’ is one thing, but if I had a quid every time I saw that he was ‘stronger than he’s ever been’ I’d be… um… I’d have like £5. Nearly. Witness that power-leaking debacle at the end of WWH that everyone seemed to go nuts for. It’s all a circus to help little kids feel their favourite hero is the bestest evar. Don’t worry about it. Let it go. Shhhh. There now.
    But my point is Rulk was unbeatable to build him up. Now he’s being broken down. Despite Loeb’s other failings, he at least knows you have to introduce some kind of flaws or vulnerabilities to make a character relateable. (And y’know what? I did like him more.) Which leads to the next point.

    “…this is the set-up for the Red Hulk to become the Anti-hero… excuse me while I yawn.”

    So people didn’t like Rulk because he was an arbitrary, poorly conceived character. Now you don’t like him because Loeb’s trying to inject a modicum of depth into him. Mmyup. Remember my ‘love to hate’ comment up there?

    “I can’t even begin to review this drivel… oh, wait – here it is… the X-Force battles the Red Hulk’s team until Deadpool and the Punisher blow the Diner up – then the Wolverine is knocked out by the Red She Hulk who finally makes her appearance…”

    “Oh, wait – here it is…” You had to force yourself to hate that comic properly, didn’t you? 😉 But you just described superhero comics in general. 😀 And for that I don’t know whether to see the use of ‘drivel’ as hyperbole or an astute observation. (And it was Deadpool and Northstar, BTW)
    Red She-Hulk. Yeah. Another silly, arbitrary character appearing out of nowhere, but again: this kind of thing goes on all the time in superhero comics, and she’s only appeared in one panel so far. From that I think she’s alright. Needs to lose the gun, though (too many Liefield connotations – brrr), and her lower legs are drawn like two grapes on cocktail sticks.

    A quick diversion…

    Shai: “farts jokes by Deadpool…really funny..*rolls eyes*”

    Funny, I saw a Deadpool fan forum the other day and they thought Deadpool was the best thing in it.

    So, in closing, please don’t think I’ve appeared in a few corners of the Hulk community just to argue, but I do look forward to picking over the bones with you and everyone else. 😉 Also, don’t stress so much! Silly characters can disappear as quickly as they appear (I’m still waiting for Delilah to turn up again in Spider-Man). I’m willing to bet ‘World War Hulks’ will see the last of some of them for a long time. Rulk, at least. I only hope he takes Skaar with him. Talk about arbitrary, poorly conceived characters…

    • Hi Warren – as your first comment on this site you sure made it a doozy!

      I think my overall frustration with the comic has me to hating this issue and thus the grade. And Wolverine DID best the Red Hulk because show me a spot where the Red Hulk got a shot off on him – other than at the end of their fight. It’s annoying as hell. I don’t really follow Wolverine so I haven’t noticed his evolution in the comics as the “Superman” of Marvel – but I digress…

  10. Why buy Loeb when you can have Pak?

  11. OK OK, Uhm. Loeb has gone astray with the depictions of every single character in this book. However, I think when we finally see Rulk revert to his General Ross form and we have “team hulk” rounded out by A-bomb, the reborn Banner Hulk, She-Hulk, She-Rulk, and Samson – wait. It will still suck.


    But I am still going to throw my money away anyway 🙂 Thanks for the in-comic, scans, BTW.

    Lets just hope they do a nice sexy transformation for She-Rulk. Mm…Ripped leather…..

  12. I feel I must respectfully disagree with Warren on a great deal of his points.

    1) Rulk vs Wolverine
    ‘Besting him’ may not be the greatest phrase here but one cannot argue against the fact that after all the foes Rulk has come up against and defeated, Wolverine has been the one to cause the most damage to him. A God of Thunder, an Elder, a Jade Giant of immeasurable physical strength… and yet the guy who puts a dent in Rulk’s godliness is just a man with metal claws, to put it simply.

    Is this the fault of Wolverine’s fame? Possibly. But I would sooner assign blame to inconsistent, poor writing. Namely Loeb’s writing.

    That brings us to the next point in the post…

    2) Depowering Rulk
    I agree that any character with Godmode turned on becomes a being that is harder for readers to relate to at times. They shrunk down Superman’s powers for similar reasons, among other things. However, I think Rulk’s depowering was the equivalent of Loeb using white-out on some past issues after realizing he may have wrote himself into a corner.

    Who’s left for Rulk to fight that might best him at this point? WWHulk, Skaar, Juggs, Sentry and Galactus are the only ones that currently come to mind. With only 5 people left (only 4 of which are on Earth), it was necessary for Loeb to humble Rulk. Not for character development, mind you, but because Loeb still has more issues to sell and Rulk surely isn’t going to be facing off with Skaar or WWHulk until the end of Loeb’s run. It’s sloppy, poorly planned writing and Loeb had to fix it in a hurry.

    3) ‘Drivel’ is a comic book standard
    I completely disagree with this point and I think many other comic book readers would do the same. You can take a quality book/run and put it next to a crappy book/run and tell the difference immediately.

    Since this is a Hulk site, just try putting the Rulk/Loeb run next to the Planet Hulk/Pak run and see how hard it is to pick the one with the most quality and character development.

    While several comics in circulation, from various companies, can be considered drivel, I don’t think it’s fair to say ‘comics in general are usually drivel’

    I think that covers most of the points made. As an addition, one cannot ignore the fact that the Red Hulk’s creation was just a sloppy marketing scheme anyways, and one that was done (pardon my language) half-assed.

    I mean, what is Red-Hulk other than a rehash of the concept surrounding Abomination? Abomination was supposed to be the Gamma-powered big bad that gave Hulk a run for his money and now the torch seems to have been passed to Loeb’s creation (which took all the writing creativity of a 5 year old. I mean who says, “I’ve got this phenomenal idea for a new character to face off against Hulk! It’s gonna be Hulk! …but Redder!”)

    Not all comic characters have to be arbitrary, shallow creations and, in truth, it’s the ones that aren’t that tend to get the most attention and praise. However, as long as people continue to sponsor the creation of the horrid characters, as well as sponsoring the creation of these horrid stories, they will continue to be made. I refuse to buy any Hulk comic that Loeb has had a part of and I would hope that others would do the same.

  13. Dude, Hulk is not as powerful as the Surfer?? You ok??? Try MUCH MORE POWERFUL!

    • Against the Surfer? The Surfer is not on the same level as the Hulk – the Surfer is more powerful than the Hulk – sorry.

      • In strength he is, maybe in durability but that’s pretty much it, surfer’s faster possibly smart as (or smarter) than Banner, and can manipulate Cosmic energy.

  14. Nice Frank Castle titty.

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