Absorbing Man Lead Figure (2008)

Absorbing Man Lead Figure

Absorbing Man Lead Figure

I’ve been playing a little catch up with all of the Hulk villains released, Creel here included.  One of my favorite things about the Absorbing Man items is that they use a real chain for the ball and chain.  It’s those little bits of realism that make a piece for me.  Creel is always a fun character to read – in fact as I’m re-reading the Secret Wars right now Creel is one of the big baddies.  I like seeing Hulk take him on – and of course a fight always worth reading is Creel vs. Thor.

Creel vs Banner

Creel vs Banner

As I’ve stated before – The Absorbing Man’s first appearance was in Journey into Mystery – actually right before the bad-ass battle Hulk vs. Thor.  But the best thing about Absorbing Man has to be the great “Ball and Chain” jokes you can make about him.  “Hey, Creel!  Where’s your ball and chain?”  He would be like “Uhhh… it’s right here… with me.  It’s always with me.”  Then you could respond with “Wow!  You take your ball and chain everywhere?  You’re whipped dude!”  And then you run off snickering as Creel stands there with a confused look on his face.

Creel mackin' on Valkyrie!  Hit that!

Creel mackin' on Valkyrie! Hit that!

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