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Planet Hulk DVD – February 2010!


Here’s the box art for the upcoming animated Planet Hulk DVD – I am looking so forward to this!  Alex Ross has made a great cover – click on the image for more info!

Hulk Die Cast Car (2008)

Die Cast Hulk Car

Die Cast Hulk Car

This car will always have a soft spot in my car for the reason that one Mr. Stephen Yarish sent it to me.  You know Steve, right?  Even if you think you don’t – you do – because he’s the guy who runs THE Incredible Hulk website:


If you haven’t visited his website yet – then it’s time to spread the word – he has a Hulk collection that even makes me drool.  Thanks to Stephen for this little metal Hulk car that seriously rocks!  Even better – it was a gift that he sent to me  out of nowhere!  It was accompanied my a Hulk washcloth (that I already posted a WHILE back) and a Hulk toothbrush.  What a class guy Stephen is.  Class act all the way!  Now visit his site and spread the love!