Ringmaster Bust (2009)

The Ringmaster

The Ringmaster

I will be honest – if this guy didn’t make his first appearance in the Hulk comics then I wouldn’t have bothered getting it.  Not because of how it looks – because it’s a beautifully sculpted bust!  Looks just like him!  I won’t even insult you readers by asking when he first appeared – because everyone knows it was TIH #3 – even dressed the Hulk up like a clown.  How insulting.  Even worse – he made him juggle elephants.  That’s just wrong… but I would totally pay to see that!

I know an orthadondist who can fix that overbite!

I know an orthodontist who can fix that overbite!

The base showcases the Ringmaster “pitching” a tent – HA! – you guys can totally use that – It’s okay – but yeah, the base is a circus tent.  As you might remember the Ring Master – he’s the one responsible for the merged Hulk – most commonly called the “Modern Hulk” – but that title makes absolutely no sense – the modern Hulk?  Modern means now – and most people mean the “Smart” or “Merged” Hulk – I prefer Merged mainly because it explains that Hulk persona perfectly.  Now I’m just waiting to see a Merged Hulk from Bowen… anytime now.

Talk to the Hand!

Talk to the Hand!

Speaking of Bowen – I cannot wait for the Planet Hulk and Maestro statues to come out – but man oh man – they are taking their sweet time, huh?  I predict that the Planet Hulk statue will be the statue of the year – no matter what year it comes out!

#325 out of 1000

#325 out of 1000

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