Ummm… Part 34


I was going to post the newest most awesome thing I found ever – but that will have to wait until Monday – make sure you tune in next week – some of the best Hulk items ever will be posted!  With a full week of Abomination covers!  But – let’s take a look at the pic above – why is Iron Man’s head so big?  Why does the Hulk look like that?  Who is that supposed to be on the end?  And why are they taking the subway?  Hulk can leap – Spidey has his webs – and Iron Man can freakin’ fly!  WTF?

4 responses to “Ummm… Part 34

  1. I think the guy on the end is supposed to be the Human Torch…

  2. I agree with the above commenter; It’s Torch 🙂

  3. It looks like a scarecrow – of course it could be the bad angle…

  4. maybe it’s an anorexic sasquatch?

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