Hulk Ski Mask (2009)

Hulk Ski Mask

Hulk Ski Mask

How happy was I when I walked into Newbury Comics and saw this gem hanging on the wall? I squealed with delight! Alright, maybe I didn’t squeal… or did I? 🙂 But I have stated it in the past that my favorite Hulk collectibles by far are the comics – that still holds true – I love the Statues/Busts and the figures – but I have to tell you, when I find things like the Lou Ferigno inspired Hulk mask – unique items like that – I really get giddy!

Think about all the great things you could do with a Hulk ski mask!  You could… rob a bank… or a convenience store!  And the clerk behind the counter would say that the Hulk robbed him!  The officer would ask for a description of the “perp” (that’s cop talk for… robber) and the clerk would say “Well, he was green, angry – a little smaller than I’d heard – but looked just like I’ve seen in the comics”  Just remember not to be cliche and lead with “Hulk Smash!  Want Money!”

Worst Robber Ever...

Worst Robber Ever...


One response to “Hulk Ski Mask (2009)

  1. must …. have … one … of … these … !

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