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A Week of Abomination – The Abominations Mini-Series #3

Hulk Mask 012

In the later 90’s there were quite a few mini-series out there – including this mini called the Abominations.  If you are a fan of Future: Imperfect – this may be a series you want to check out.  It has a future version of the Abomination in it – just as ruthless as the Maestro.

It Was The Thing’s Idea!

The storyline begins in issue #533 - #535  Worth the pick-up!

The storyline begins in issue #533 - #535 Worth the pick-up!

Imagine my surprise this week, when reading The Life Fantastic TPB, when I came across a juicy little nugget of Hulk geekdom!  So, If you don’t know what the story is about here it is in a nutshell.  The Hulk (who is green when the story begins) is used to find out what kind of shenanigans Hydra is up to – but when he goes deep into a cave he finds a Gamma Bomb.  And then it explodes – leaving the Hulk a savage, grey incarnation who is reliving the Hulks life – each painful moment to the next the Hulk smashes his way through each hallucination.  The Thing and Johnny are sent to take the Hulk down.  The Thing realizes that the Hulk isn’t himself and that some thing’s wrong.

Ultimately, the Hulk is about to land the killing blow to the Thing, Johnny goes nova.  This doesn’t take the Hulk down – but it snaps him out of it.  As the story ends Grimm says that he talked to Reed – and look what he says:

Hulk Mask 016

The whole idea came from the Thing!  Wow!  This was released at the same time as Prelude to Planet Hulk – how great is that?