Hulk – Dark Reign: The List #1 – The Review (2009)

Hulk - Dark Reign: The List #1

Hulk - Dark Reign: The List #1

I told you I’d get these posted by today!  I’m so proud of myself!  And look at this:  Two Pak books in one week?!?  I was giddy!  Too bad that there’s still no Hulk to speak of.  The only let down – of course that’s a huge let down.  But this issue does give us hope!  Let me begin…

Dr. Wanesboro is being held captive and having the Old Power sucked right out of her by Norman’s lackey, Ms. Hand.  Even though they tell her that it’s killing her she says to keep it up.  Suddenly, with alarms sounding, they see Banner coming to rescue Wanesboro.  Banner easily walks in and takes control over their facility.  Hand releases some… wait, this sentence started with “Hand releases…” – tee hee!  Anyways, yeah – a bunch of robots ready to kill – but Banner releases his own security – Skaar – swinging his huge sword.

Skaar dealing with his anger issues

Skaar dealing with his anger issues

We cut to Hand discussing Banner with Osborn – and Osborn sends her back out to take Banner out – but with help – Moonstone!  Or Ms. Marvel as some of you have come to know her.  As they fly to where Banner is their plane is blown apart.  Hand sends 1000 missiles at Bruce and Skaar – Bruce uses some of them at Osborn’s facility, blowing it up.  As he’s distracted – Hand comes up from behind and gets the best of Bruce.  She seals him in a bubble that slows time down.  She tries to kill him – but to no avail – because Bruce is a smarty pants! 

Meanwhile, Ms. Marvel has her hands full with Skaar – but even better she lets him in on some secrets.  As hand is about to kill Banner again – Skaar comes to the rescue – only to have Ms Marvel grab Bruce.  But Skaar threatens to kill Ms. Hand – so Marvel releases Bruce – and Skaar releases Hand – but only after he realizes that the secrets that she spilled are true.  Bruce and Skaar leave and Skaar lets Bruce in on the fact that the facility they blew up was also a Gamma Lab – Osborn is trying to turn Bruce back into the Hulk.  (Thank goodness!)  Everything seems to be going all to Osborn’s plan…

The son carrying the Dad...

The son carrying the Dad...

Now this issue was a little more exciting!  I love the fact that Bruce is still a bad-ass – but Osborn is still smarter, almost anticipating every move Bruce will make.  I’m excited to see what happens here By the way – I know there is a Cho variant, I am in the process of looking for a good, affordable copy of one, I’ll post it when I find it.- Grade: A-

4 responses to “Hulk – Dark Reign: The List #1 – The Review (2009)

  1. Ms. Hand looks like she’s going to be the red She-Hulk, hhmmm?

  2. Hey Ratch head over to ebay and check-out this seller: atomiccomicsaz he’s selling the “Cho Variant” for $9.99-BUY IT NOW -he claims to have more than 10-I purchased 2 hope it’s legit-if not I just got screwed!!!-take care-Mike

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