The Incredible Hulk #603 (2009) – The Review

TIH #603

TIH #603

Skaar the Bad-ass!

Skaar the Bad-ass!

Last we left the gruesome two-some they were in a comic shop and Wolverine came up ready to fight (how many places can Wolverine be?  He’s in Hulk with his dark costume – in TIH in his yellow/blue costume – how many Wolverine’s are there?)  And we begin with Skaar flattening Wolvie into the ground.  He then jumps off and meets up with Daken , Wolverine’s son – now I don’t know too much about him – haven’t followed the character – but he seemed a bit redundant and kind of bored me to hell.  The entire issue was a fight between these two – but some interesting things happened.  For example, Skaar and  Daken discuss how they are alike – “You were raised by Monsters – I was raised by assassins”) it was kind of silly – but at that point Skaar transforms back into the small child that he did in the last issue.  As this happens Daken uses this moment to try and kill him – Banner comes to the rescue. 

TIH #603 "Zombie" Variant

TIH #603 "Zombie" Variant

TIH #603 "SHS" Variant

TIH #603 "SHS" Variant

Actually, about Bannner, Pak has really re-established Banner as a no nonsense guy not to be messed with.  I mean, if you look at the original comics, Banner was a nice guy – but he seemed all business and cold.  There was a time when Banner was written as a scared, bumbling side to the personality – but Pak has shown the side of Banner that I think has been missing for years – and I like it!  Some of the best parts of this issue is Logan and Banner sharing a beer watching their kids “bond”.  What about you guys?  How do you feel?

Daken vs Skaar

Daken vs Skaar

But like I said – Banner comes to the rescue.  Or more like he throws Wolverine through the window at Daken.  Skaar comes back and the battle continues between Skaar and Daken – and Daken is winning.  His claws actually take away healing factors – and right as Daken is going to go for the kill Bruce holds his Old Power gun to Wolverine’s head.  He Daken that he will shoot and kill Wolverine – and when Daken scoffs Bruce goes into how he thinks the Hulk was created to protect the world from him.

The heroes part ways and and as the story closes we see that the father and son are being monitored… by the Leader!  Hulk*gasm!

I remember his head being bigger...

I remember his head being bigger...

As much as I like Pak’s writing, I really want to know where this story is going – after just 3 issues the story already feels a bit stagnant – I just don’t want to see a monthly “Skaar vs ….” title.  I am certainly enjoying this more than the other title – and think that it’s crazy that this title doesn’t outsell Hulk – but I have to remember that most people are idiots and choose flash over substance 🙂 no offense to the idiots out there!  Now, the other thing is that this issue has a few different artists working on the same issue – it’s a bit distracting.  I’d like one artist on each issue.  Having different styles from page to page takes you out of the story – at least it does for me.  Anyways, still interesting and great – just still missing the Hulk.  Although… that is until I read Hulk: The List!  Review coming soon!  Grade B-

11 responses to “The Incredible Hulk #603 (2009) – The Review

  1. Ratch, don’t forget to read the Wolverine Origins#41 for more Banner/Skaar/Wolverine mayhem. It’s good to see the Leader back!

  2. does that mean daken can beat hulk?

    • Well, with his ability to slow healing factors it does seem viable – but the Hulk gets stronger the madder he gets – so maybe not…

      We still haven’t seen how Skaar fairs against the Hulk…

      • average bloke

        daken has the muramasa blade that cancel healing abilities fused with in his skeleton but dakens going to need bigger claws to actually produce major damge to hulk in a fight

  3. I actually Have a feeling that this is going to be like Daken and Wolverine where we find out Skaar Is more powerful than hulk in every way. Anyways Leader coming back may be an answer to Who made the Harpy In #604 Next month.

    • We know who made the Harpies already – the Harpies are M.O.D.O.C.K.’S calling card – and we know that he is the brains behind the Red Hulk mystery and all – in TIH #600

  4. I agree with you 100% about the art,having different artists from page to page was a bit annoying-but it was cool seeing the Leader show up! Maybe(hopefully) the Abomination will soon return,and of course the return of the REAL GREEN INCREDIBLE HULK -it’s been too long!

    • In Incredible Hulk # 605 the cover shows the hulk and I’m pretty sure hulk comes back, Link to The Cover image is in my name

      • hey Hulk-man-Dude,Thanks for the image and I hope that the REAL HULK does return in December’s issue -it would be a AWESOME Christmas present!!!!!…to me anyway.

  5. Since EVERYONE in the Marvel Universe has a Healing Factor, makes Daken bad-ass. Don’t like him though….

    The covers of the upcoming Fall of the Hulks looks like a bunch of deformed geeks, led by Dr. Doom VS. Hulk and his gang of musclemen and she-hotties. Looks like nerds vs. jocks.

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