Daily Archives: October 25, 2009

Boston Comic Con in the AM!

Heading to the Back Bay Convention center tomorrow!  Cannot wait to meet Herb Trimpe!  I will certainly be posting pictures and stuff – but, and I admit, I should have posted this last week – but anyone have any questions that you would like me to ask him?  I ave a whole bunch myself – but I thought I’d ask…  Anyways – you’ll see pics this week!

Ugh… why does this always seem to happen?

My beautiful lawn!  NOOOOOOO!

My beautiful lawn! NOOOOOOO!

Alright, here’s the 411. My Hulk room is located in my basement. I am putting an addition on to the house – it’s somewhat of a “in-law apartment” except that it isn’t – it’s for my actual parents. Here’s the kicker… they have to cut a hole in the wall in the foundation – right through my basement… right through my Hulk room. As of right now… the Hulk room is in complete disarray. Won’t even be able to get it back into any kind of order until construction is done – which will be in something like 3 months. Mind you, I wasn’t aware of this until about a week ago. No one was – except the builder who neglected to tell us this bit of information. Of course, when I say “I have thousands upon thousands worth of collectibles in that room” The builder responds with “Oh! Yeah, you better get that stuff out!”

Check this sh!t out!  Get it?

Check this sh!t out! Get it?

No kidding Sherlock – problem is, not only is there no room for it anywhere – it’s going to take a whole lot more time than a week to get it put away. Let’s just say, I have taken the more expensive and hard to find pieces OUT of the Hulk room and have covered the rest of the room in plastic. Man, I really hope that works – because I will be so pissed if it doesn’t! I am taking every precaution that I can – but man are my nerves shot just thinking about it!

My nephew... playing with the hoe... the back hoe that is.

My nephew... playing with the hoe... the back hoe that is.