Les Superheroes Stamp Kit (1979)

Stamp Kit

Stamp Kit

So, one of the perks of this website is meeting people, hearing from different Hulk fans everywhere – but an unexpected perk was connecting with people who have Hulk treasure’s they are willing to donate!  A great guy named Randy wrote me last week and asked if I had this piece in my collection.  I wrote back saying that I did not – funny enough though – I came across this set in Waltham a few weeks back.  The owner was asking too much, in my opinion, so I passed on it – and then Randy asked me if I would like it.  I asked for details – he wrote back saying he wasn’t looking for money – he just wanted to know if I wanted it!  I said of course!  Thanks to Randy for his very generous offer!

The Thing and Spiderman may be missing!

The Thing and Spiderman may be missing!

As you can see – this set is not complete – but the most important character is still in there – the Hulk!  But it also contains the Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic, Thor and Spider-Woman.  I believe the missing ones are the Thing and Spiderman – but I am very happy to get this set to add to the ever-growing collection.

The Hulk Stamp

The Hulk Stamp

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