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Con Pics – A Few More!

Trimpe working on my head sketch...

I’m just posting a few more pics before I’ll be posting the art soon!  But tomorrow I’ll be getting reviews ready – Hulk #16 – or is #17?  Who cares really – all I now is it’s a safe bet it will suck and have a bunch of variants – including a new Deadpool 200:1 variant.  Turns out Marvel knows how to keep the numbers up on this fledgling story – just make incentive covers that force the retailer to purchase more than they can sell… ugh.

Alex and Sale 030

Ash and Laura

More Con Pics – and Some Sneaks at the Art!

Trimpe with his Sketch book!

Alright – we’re getting closer to me posting the art I got – but let’s take a look at more of the Con!  I am always amazed at the grail pieces I see at the cons.  In fact – I will tell you about one business that was there selling original art – He had the original cover to Iron Man #9 – the one comic I was looking for – and this guy had the ACTUAL COVER!  After talking to the guy and browsing through some art I found a great Buscema page for an unbelievable price!  I put some money down on it – as I had spent most of my wad already – and will be picking up my Buscema very soon in the future!  Here are more shots of the convention!  Including a shot of Sale working on MY piece!

Tim Sale - working on MY commission!

Some Comic-Con Pics!

Me and a Kitty I found - MEOW!

Me and a Kitty I found - MEOW!

I hope everyone that went had as a good a time as I did – I will be posting the art pieces I got the following Fridays – and post the pics of the con a few at a time – just to have some fun!  I picked up 4 pieces – 4 fantastic, amazing, wonderful pieces – this is one of the best con experiences I’ve ever had – I met Trimpe (really great guy) and his wife (a lovely lady) I talked to some of the artists there for WAY too long – but again, one of the best times I’ve ever had.

Herb Trimpe and his lovely Wife

Herb Trimpe and his lovely Wife