More Con Pics – and Some Sneaks at the Art!

Trimpe with his Sketch book!

Alright – we’re getting closer to me posting the art I got – but let’s take a look at more of the Con!  I am always amazed at the grail pieces I see at the cons.  In fact – I will tell you about one business that was there selling original art – He had the original cover to Iron Man #9 – the one comic I was looking for – and this guy had the ACTUAL COVER!  After talking to the guy and browsing through some art I found a great Buscema page for an unbelievable price!  I put some money down on it – as I had spent most of my wad already – and will be picking up my Buscema very soon in the future!  Here are more shots of the convention!  Including a shot of Sale working on MY piece!

Tim Sale - working on MY commission!

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3 thoughts on “More Con Pics – and Some Sneaks at the Art!

  1. I watched him draw this hulk, it came out AWSOME!!! and he did it pretty fast too. I am very jealous and hope to get a “Sale” piece someday…CONGRATS!!!!

    1. Watching him create this thing was a major thrill – and part of the charm of getting a piece from him! Stephen, are you the guy I met at the con? Nice to hear from you either way!

      1. Yep, its me and it was great to finally meet you, I must say you picked up some great art at the BCC and I can’t wait to see it up on the site… I can honestly say that this site is the only site I visit Rocks, Thanks

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