Some Comic-Con Pics!

Me and a Kitty I found - MEOW!

Me and a Kitty I found - MEOW!

I hope everyone that went had as a good a time as I did – I will be posting the art pieces I got the following Fridays – and post the pics of the con a few at a time – just to have some fun!  I picked up 4 pieces – 4 fantastic, amazing, wonderful pieces – this is one of the best con experiences I’ve ever had – I met Trimpe (really great guy) and his wife (a lovely lady) I talked to some of the artists there for WAY too long – but again, one of the best times I’ve ever had.

Herb Trimpe and his lovely Wife

Herb Trimpe and his lovely Wife

14 responses to “Some Comic-Con Pics!

  1. Wow I’m sorry but for the photo caption….. fail

  2. I missed my chance to attend the comic con this year. Although they’re slated for TO and NY next year so I have another shot:) Which celebs did you meet, Ratchet? Did you see Ferrigno there?

    • there were no “celebrities” at the Boston Comic Con – if you don’t count the artists themselves. I met Sale and Trimpe and Pham. And Catwoman – as you can see!

  3. Hey Ratch-I met Herb Trimpe and his wife a couple of years ago at a show in Jersey-he was the nicest guy I spent most of the day with him,at his table-I watched him for hours drawing commissions-TOTALLY AMAZING,I teach middle school art and so was he at the time I assume that he still is,and he was telling me some great stories from his Marvel days.He then did two drawings for me,The HULK and The ABOMINATION,he also inked them,haven’t matted and framed them yet but I will…also last week I posted on your site that an ebay seller “atomiccomisaz” was selling the CHO -HULK Dark Reign variant for $9.99 -Well I received my two copies today and it’s the real deal he still has more up on ebay -I don’t think that you’ll find it any where else cheaper-check it out -Take-care!!!

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