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Wow! This is what I call an auction!

The last time I checked this beautiful copy of 181, graded at 9.8 is at $11,100!  $11,100 is a lot of scratch!  That’s an amazing piece of history – and it’s not even finished yet!  As I was talking to Herb Trimpe in Boston this past Saturday he told me that in the past 3 to 4 months he has had more requests to draw Wolverine than any other character.  More than Hulk!  More then Godzilla!  That makes me a bit sad… I mean, let’s look at the facts here – Herb drew Wolverine’s first appearance – but he did not create that character – he didn’t even design him!  He said it himself – someone asked him if he was upset that they never credit him with the creation of the character – he said “No – it doesn’t bother me!  I mean, I just drew him.  They showed me what to draw and I did it.”  It’s not a character that Herb basically DEFINED for an entire generation!  Yet- this is what people want to see from him as of late… oh well such is life.

The best thing about this book – it’s not even about Wolverine.  It’s about the Wendigo!  And I know too many people who own this book who have never even bothered to read the story!  What is up with that?  You pay enough for a copy of a book – you should know the story front to back!  Just my opinion – but I can’t imagine it being way off base!

Kostas Hulk (2005)

Hulk Stuff September 006

Kostas Hulk

This is one of the most mysterious Hulk collectibles ever.  When I purchased a lot of figures off ebay I saw this guy in the back – I saw this guy and said that this lot was going to be mine.  For this guy alone – mainly because these guys are so rarely ever seen let alone for sale.  This is what I do know – these Hulks were released with a wild paint scheme, hand painted by Kostas Seremetis and looked mostly like this:

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How about something completely different though!  Check this out!:

Now, you might remember Sean Anderson – this guy has a Kostas that looks much like mine.  He told me he picked his up on ebay as well and as a bonus, it glows in the dark!  Remember his?  Here it is:

Sean's Hulk

Sean's Hulk

My find is a lot like Sean’s – right down to the joints – although I haven’t seen anything glow…  I love this figure so much – but damn why does it have to be so mysterious?  I’m freakin going out of my mind!  Anyways, I have guessed at the year of release and until I can actually find anymore info on it all I can say is that this figure is a must have for any Hulk collector. 

Hulk Stuff September 007

My Kostas Hulk

Hulk Stuff September 008

Back of this Amazing Figure!