Kostas Hulk (2005)

Hulk Stuff September 006
Kostas Hulk

This is one of the most mysterious Hulk collectibles ever.  When I purchased a lot of figures off ebay I saw this guy in the back – I saw this guy and said that this lot was going to be mine.  For this guy alone – mainly because these guys are so rarely ever seen let alone for sale.  This is what I do know – these Hulks were released with a wild paint scheme, hand painted by Kostas Seremetis and looked mostly like this:

Click HERE

How about something completely different though!  Check this out!:

Now, you might remember Sean Anderson – this guy has a Kostas that looks much like mine.  He told me he picked his up on ebay as well and as a bonus, it glows in the dark!  Remember his?  Here it is:

Sean's Hulk
Sean's Hulk

My find is a lot like Sean’s – right down to the joints – although I haven’t seen anything glow…  I love this figure so much – but damn why does it have to be so mysterious?  I’m freakin going out of my mind!  Anyways, I have guessed at the year of release and until I can actually find anymore info on it all I can say is that this figure is a must have for any Hulk collector. 

Hulk Stuff September 007
My Kostas Hulk
Hulk Stuff September 008
Back of this Amazing Figure!

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6 thoughts on “Kostas Hulk (2005)

  1. Finally!!! Some Info on those “REGULAR” Paint Kostas’ Hulks.

    1) I Have 7 Painted Kostas Hulks…No two are alike.
    I haven’t taken photos because i am waiting on some camera equipment to do a little shoot.

    2) Upon Closer Examination, I see that Sean’s and Yours have different Arm Joints than Kostas’. This makes me assume you guys have either the ORIGINAL that Kostas Based his Mold off of, or Bootlegs that made it out a factory. Most likey the initial though, since The Art Toy was never really “High Demand”. Either That or they are Potential Prototypes……

    3) What is the Information on the “RAW” purple Kostas Hulk?

    I have emailed the Artist numerous times trying to get more information but no Luck.

    THANX! this post was great.

  2. This is an early Designer Vinyl Japanese Hulk. i can’t remember the artists name but he released other versions of this sculpt no-painted in a mixed purple-green tie dye looking version 9and probably other versions too).

  3. This hulk is the bootleg version. Sorry, no kostas art pieces are clean and have that type of joint. I saw these bootlegs in the Philippines. If you have one of the original 500 pieces you would have a box and numbering on the bottom right foot.

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