Jeff Wamester Boston Comic Con Commission 2009

Alex and Sale 035
The Savage She Hulk #6

Alright kiddies!  I want you to checkout the cover above… I love this cover – but always wanted an Iron Man with a Hulk reflection – and something better then the Red Hulk on Hulk #2 – which I was not a fan of.  So I brought up this idea to Jeff Wamester at the Comic Con – I asked him if he’d try to do something like this.  At first he seemed hesitant – not sure how to execute it exactly – but my only other idea was for him to draw me an Abomination – and since he had the reference above he decided to go with it.  And, man am I glad he did – because he created a piece that I was floored by – something that I was in total shock of how cool it was when I saw it.  Get ready and scroll down…

Alex and Sale 034
Wamester's vision - a masterpiece!

Make sure you check him out if he’s ever in your area – better yet – contact him right away and get something done by him – his website is:

Pretty easy, right?  Check out the ART page to see the other pieces he has done for me.  They absolutely rock!  This has to be my second favorite – right behind the piece he did for my daughter 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Jeff Wamester Boston Comic Con Commission 2009

  1. I hate it. It’s shallow and pedantic.

    I’m just kidding. It rules! I’ve always loved that Bob Layton cover. This is a cool twist on the idea! Kudos, Ratch!

  2. WOW!!! We have to start a hire Jeff Wamester petition!!! Marvel or DC could do no wrong in giving him a monthly job. This guy deserves to be a star.

    1. Absolutely he does – I would love to see him on The Incredible Hulk every month! He would surely rise in the ranks VERY quickly at Marvel or DC as one of the most sought after, go-to artists!

    1. I’m sorry! I get busy! There’s a lot going on right now! I will post when I can bro – and I will try to keep it on schedule – but you’ll have to bear with me…

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