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If you don’t see a post…

Sometimes I get really busy – and can’t post – while I appreciate the people who come to this site everyday and want to see new posts – and trust me, I will keep posting as long as I have things to do so – there’s a lot of work I have been doing on this site that you might not see right away.  Look at the COMICS pages above – for a while people wanted a check list of the Hulk issues.  It was a task I wanted to take on – but also knew it wasn’t an easy thing to do… that it was going to take A LOT of work and take a while to complete.  Well, I was right.  It is a lot of work – especially since I am linking each title to a post that shows that comic so that people can see the issue rather then just having a list.  So, if you don’t see a post – check out the other areas of the site!  It’s a fun thing to do – but I also have to keep it in check and remember that I started this to have fun – not to make it feel like a job.  Alright, I’m done whining – somebody call me the WHAAAA-mbulance and I will get back to posting! 🙂

Also – one of the great things is finding other Hulk sites to post for you guys to check out – for instance, click on the image above and you will be brought to a site that has the Hulk stories from the Hulk LP downloaded for your listening pleasure!

Hulk #16 (2009) – The Review

lex halloween 047

Hulk #16 - Red She Hulk... Shrulk?

I have to start this review with this… the art in this story line is just horrible. Nothing in it looks good – and I’ve seen Churchill’s stuff in the past – it doesn’t look like this bad. Why does it look this way in this book? Maybe Ian was just trying to match the art to the writing… sloppy, ugly and seems rushed. Either way, from the people I have talked to, even fans of this title are hating this storyline – which makes sense since everything in this series is different from book to book. In one book Red Hulk can take on a Celestial Being – and in the next he has trouble handling a 5-foot Canadian. How does that contrast sit well with Loeb? How can he write that and pat himself on the back later?

lex halloween 049

Wolvie takes on Shrulk

This installment – which I refuse to go through in a detailed manner because it’s just not worth it – introduces the Red She Hulk.  As we saw in the last issue she came out to save Red Hulk from Wolverine.  She lies and is over-confident just like her male counter part.  It’s as boring as it sounds…  Basically – and I’m saying REAL basic – Red She Hulk takes Red Hulk into the sewers while the rest of his “team” stays on street level and talks to a mystery guest who turns them against their “leader”.  It ends with the Red Hulk’s team all ready to take him down.  Seriously, that’s it.  That’s all that happens. 

lex halloween 050

Red She Hulk works out her problems

Unfortunately,Loeb fills this comic with so much nonsense that it takes way too long to get to the end.  Maybe after all the complaints that the comic is always too short of a read Loeb decided get long winded and fill it with ridiculous side stories and nonsensical  moments that it feels like a never-ending marathon.  I think Loeb got confused when people said it was too short – it’s amazing too – he has a fight with Silver Surfer last one panel – yet draws out a walk in the sewers through an entire book.  Mr. Loeb – do us all a favor and quit writing.  Anything.  You shouldn’t even be allowed to write an email at this point…

lex halloween 051

The team turns on Red Hulk *yawn*

There’s another 200:1 Deadpool variant.  I know a few people who were actually angered that they would put out another rare variant for this issue – after they just did it for the last.  I also know a few comic shops that refused to partake in it this time around because they are left with too many issues that they can’t get rid off.  Marvel’s pathetic attempt to keep sales up on a fledgling title is desperate at best.  Try writing a worthwhile story – that may keep sales up.  Grade: D+

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Variant Cover 1:15