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Magnetic Hulk (1979)

Hulk Mask 005

Magnetic Hulk

I got this in a lot on ebay.  I love the vintage stuff – really!  I mean, this Hulk has a great mug – a classic, Trimpe-looking Hulk!  It’s a hollow piece with a large, round magnet in the back.  He’s also holding what’s supposed to be a huge piece of metal above him – which he is bending at an amazing 45 degree angle at either side!  So, the only thing I don’t know is if this piece went to anything or he is just a stand alone piece.  I think it worls as a stand alone piece – but wouldn’t be surprised if it was part of a bigger playset sort of thing.

Hulk Mask 006

Back of Figure

Hulk Mask 007

"Hulk bend metal bar! Because that is what do!"


Hoo-Boy! The Lowest Yet!

more alexandra 020

Hulk #15

Hulk #15 had 58,000 in sales – that’s down almost 20,000 in one month! Without it’s 200:1 incentive cover to drive up sales the series seems to be losing more readers than… I don’t even know what – that’s how bad it is – I can’t even come p with a funny analogy! We could almost do a commercial for this series – like the ones they do for starving children… You could say “The Red Hulk series losses something like 6,500 readers everyday. Please help” But by Please help we would mean stop buying it and put this lame duck out of its misery!