Herb Trimpe Commission! (2009)

Alex and Sale 041

Herb Trimpe Boston Comic Con 2009 Commission

So, I finally met Herb Trimpe and he was as nice and fun to talk to as all the stories I heard.  He was quite the popular guest at the show too – I’m glad I got there early!  But the funny part is – Herb was late.  Doors opened at 10:00 – and I rushed to his table… only to be met with empty chairs.  But that was okay because it gave me time to slip into the Tim Sale line and get the fast pass.  Then, after walking the con – I went back to the table and saw Herb!  I introduced myself – he remembered me from all of my emails – I felt a bit like a stalker – but he was really, genuinely cordial about everything!  I, of course, asked him about a commission.  He said he’d be happy to do one and then he pointed out that he did bring some pieces with him and to check the folder because I might like something in there.  I began to flip and was excited to see quite a few pieces that tickled my fancy.  I wanted a classic Hulk – just a Hulk – and when I saw this piece I figured this is exactly what I would want if he were to do one that day for me – so I picked it up.  I cannot wait to get it framed and to have it in a displayed proudly when the Hulk room gets back to normal. 

Alex and Sale 042

A Trimpe for the ages!

2 responses to “Herb Trimpe Commission! (2009)

  1. Herb rules!!

    Nice addition Ryan!

    This is the same scenario in which my piece was acquired – pre con piece that was done and waiting for some Hulk fan to pick up.

    Good stuff!

    • Truly an epic piece. This looks a lot like vintage Herb Hulk–you know what I’m talking about. Beautiful use of darks. Herb is the man. Congrats, Ratch! I still have yet to get a Herb piece…
      *flips Santa the bird*

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