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Leonard Samson Lead Figure (2009)

Hulk Stuff again 014

Leonard Samson... and his perfect hair

I was actually excited to hear about a Leonard Samson figure for this line! This is turning out to be one of the better lines for Marvel products. We Have both Hulks, a Leader, Abomination (even though they ruined a nice display by changing his base), Absorbing Man, and Valkyrie. I’m hoping they hang in long enough to start making more “B” list villains – like Aquon! Come On! You totally knew I was going to go there, right? I actually may go back and try to pick up the Surfer and Namor and Strange – if they even made them – have myself a Defenders display!

Hulk Stuff again 016

Here's the whole deal... Stop drooling Hulk Man...

Anyways, I’m going off on a tangent – back to Samson. This sculpt is actually better than most of the others I have seen in this line – and the paint job is freakin’ terrific! I have been talking about Samson for a bit now – I think it’s time to do a week of Leonard Samson!  The only real issue I have is that these figures don’t seem to be up to scale.  The Hulk should be taller than Leo… but such is not the case…

Hulk Stuff again 019

The Good Doctor and his Patient

The great thing about Samson is that he has success to back up his bravado!  He’s almost as strong as the Hulk – he’s smart enough that he actually cured the Hulk in his first meeting – he was the first to discover that the Hulk was a separate being from Banner – and if Loeb had any clue how to write a character driven story – he might even be interesting in the latest series as a dual personality hero/villain.  But… we’ll have to see how that pans out.  These are great little figures to pick up and go for pretty cheap – so check them out!

Hulk Stuff again 017

He's too sexy for his shirt! Too sexy for his shirt - so sexy it hurts!

A Week of Leonard Samson – Doc Samson #1 & 2

Hulk Annual 004

Doc Samson #1 and #2

The good old doctor here has had a couple mini-series.  This mini has a villian called Patchwork – and if you’ve read it you know why he’s called that.  And the reason is pretty gross…  But this is obviously a mini-series from the 90’s – you can tell just by the art.  It has that old “Liefeld” kind of style – especially the She Hulk on the cover to #2.  Look at those legs!  They go on FOREVER!  And the Hulk on issue #1 has the awesome 90’s Hulk haircut.