Stretch Hulk (2003)

Hulk Stuff again 021

Stretch Hulk 2003

Let’s talk about old stretchy here – you are all well aware of the Mego Stretch and Deny Fisher Stretches from the 70’s – but some noodnick has made up an entirely ridiculous price frame for those – so until they come down in price I will settle for this bad boy from the 2003 movie. Who doesn’t love a toy that you can stretch their arms out? But while the older version of stretch toys were filled with a corn syrup type mixture these new stretches are filled with what feels like tiny, plastic balls.

Hulk Stuff again 022

Hulk's angry look

And take a look at the mug on this bastard! I mean bastard in a good way, by the way, like George Costanza meant it. And here’s the best part – I was able to get this guy in a lot of figures – so divided equally – I probably paid about $4.  The shirt has one button that snaps together and can break open – and I think he makes noise – this figure doesn’t at the moment because I think the battery is dead – but there’s a little button on his right thigh that I can only imagine is there to make the noise…

Hulk Stuff again 024

The Mysterious Hulk Thigh Button

I will say that some of the 2003 aren’t my favorite – but this figure is the exception because it’s really well done.  The top half, in all it’s squishy glory, is in complete contrast to it’s hard, plastic bottom – but it does make it easier to stand and display. 

Hulk Stuff again 023

Hulk need new shirt... yup, he does!

5 responses to “Stretch Hulk (2003)

  1. I need to buy a toy like this one, where I can locate it by

  2. theres one on ebay

  3. How big is this Hulk from head to toe?

  4. I hade this but it ruend in a flud

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