My First 6

I know I have shown these before but the truth is… as I have been continuing this site I have gotten better at posting pictures, and I have a better camera as well – not to mention I have been trying to update my COMICS 1 page to link all the issues to blurbs or posts of the actual issues – so this will serve two purposes. 1) me getting to show off the gems of my entire collection – and 2) I will be able to link this post to the listing of the first 6 on that page. So… Enjoy!

Hulk Stuff again 008
Incredible Hulk #1

Issue #1 I think any fan of this site knows the story of my acquisition to this beauty!  I know, I know… it’s beat to hell… what can I say?  I cannot afford nice things… 🙂 but any copy of this legendary issue is going to run a small fortune.  Luckily, I am a very patient person.  That patience has proven to be very useful time and time again – as this issue was listed on ebay as follows: “incredible hublk #1”.  The issue was listed at $700 – what a poor copy would go for at the time – and luckily I was pretty much the only bidder on this!

samson 009
Incredible Hulk #2

Issue #2 is not as interesting of a story – but it’s funny enough.  Again, another issue I found on ebay – this one was a BIN auction for $250 – but I emailed the guy and asked if he would take $225.  Not only did he agree – he sent it to me for free.  He was a MA resident so he felt a kin-ship – which was great!  For me!  This happens to be one of my favorite covers of all time.  First appearance of the green Hulk.

Hulk Stuff again 010
Incredible Hulk #3

The 3rd Issue is somewhat a better grade than the others.  This issue was another fond experience off ebay – I wish I had better stories for these – but honestly – ebay was a saving grace in acquiring the key issues.  This is another of my favorite comic covers – the issue itself is pretty great as well – in it contains the “Clown Hulk” and Rick Jones in charge of the Hulk’s mind.

Hulk Stuff again 011
Incredible Hulk #4

Issue #4 I DIDN’T get off ebay!  That’s right!  I actually found this issue on another comic auction site called Comic Link that my friend Corry informed me about.  This is where most serious collectors visit to get their comics – and original comic art.  They have some real beauties on there – Kirby’s and Trimpe’s – just get your wallet out and be ready to make it cry… This cover is my least favorite of the bunch.  It’s not eye catching at all.  Funny enough though… the story inside is one of the best of the originals.

Hulk Stuff again 012
Incredible Hulk #5

Here is #5.  This one remains to be close to my heart – because it was a birthday gift.  It might even have been my 21st birthday.  My friend Corry found this in Brockton for a very affordable price – mainly because it’s beat to hell… I’ve even had a few opportunities to upgrade this issue – but I just can’t do it.  This issue has a personal meaning.  It’s nice to have issues like that.

Hulk Stuff again 013
Incredible Hulk #6

Issue #6 is rare.  Real rare.  My issue has to be one of the WORST condition copies that I own – but I don’t care.  I have it.  I love it.  I may upgrade at some point in the future if the opportunity presents itself… but until then… I have this.  Hulk… in his purple panties.

There you have it – all 6 issues of the original run.  I guess we Hulk fans are lucky in respect to the fact that we only have 6 issues to obtain as the Silver-Age comics.  I mean Spiderman fans a SOOL because they have to get Amazing Fantasy #15 AND the first 100 or so issues of Amazing.  Even some of the issues after 100 are hard to come by – like issues #119 and #120.  So yeah, we’re lucky.  And I’m lucky to have these.  I know it.  I’m lucky to have a wife wonderful enough to look the other way when I hit the BID button on an ebay auction.

By the way – just to let all you MA residents know – Chris’ Comics in Marshfield just got in a copy of Incredible Hulk #4 – a really decent copy – so if any one is looking for this issue go visit Chris’ Comics – or email me at and let me know – I can pass the message along!

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11 thoughts on “My First 6

  1. Dare i say it…Incredible man, i have all the other issues TTA 60 – 101, TIH 102 – present, but the holy grail of issues 1 – 6 …… a thing of beauty!

  2. Dude! You’re awesome! I’ve read reprints of these but to have originals in your hands… super jealous! Keep on rockin, brother! 🙂

  3. I am green with envy over these six you have. I was recently able to secure a copy of Incredible Hulk #3. SOO excited. Paging through it I felt like I was reading the original Declaration of Independence. The inclusion of the origin of the Hulk makes me feel that much closer to owning Incredible Hulk #1. But I didn’t notice any sign of this “clown hulk”. I think you were thinking of Mechano. The Hulk dressed up like a robot clown in Avengers #1.

  4. Great set!!! What’s your view on collecting Hulk. Would you prefer the Hulk 1 or the Hulk 102- present complete run. I chose to complete the series but looking back wonder if I made a mistake. Also what do you feel about Hulk 2 Do you feel it is more importent than Hulk 1 since its the real first appearance of Savage Hulk.

    1. Hulk 1 is more important than Hulk 2 – but the first 6 all have their important traits.

      As far as which you would rather – the whole series or a #1 – my opinion, #1 all the way.

  5. Hi Ratchet,
    I have a collecting question. I bought an Incredible Hulk 1 U.K. Edition last summer on EBay. I paid $4200 for it. It would have graded possible a 1.5 but I returned it after seeing the page quality of the book. The seller had made the books pics look like it was off white pages but the pages were dark brown. I now have a opportunity to purchase a coverless copy with white pages signed by Stan Lee. This copy would cost $3450. Collecting wise do you think coverless copies are worth it. I value your opinion. I could wait for a cover copy but would have to pay upwards to $10,000 to just get a 3.0 grade. I have thought about just buying the Incredible Hulk 2 CGC 5.0 and forgetting about the #1 since its really the Savage Hulk first appearance. I value your opinion.

  6. First, thank you for the compliments, but remember collecting is all subjective. One person’s grail is another person’s crappy copy of New Mutants 98. Seriously, you have to do what’s right for you. Personally, I would never buy a coverless comic – and I personally hate signatures on any comics. In this respect, I would have to say go for #2.

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