Bowen Designs Retro Green Hulk (2009)

Retro Hulk!

Coming out of the box!

This is the new Hulk piece from Bowen designs… and I am a huge fan of Bowen – but this piece, and others I have seen, have a few paint flaws which is very disappointing.  The wash that they used is a bit sloppy and darker than the regular paint – so it’s pretty noticeable.  Still awaiting a response from Randy addressing this situation – I’ll keep you posted.   Alright, with that out of the way let’s get on with the good stuff!  Overall – you can’t deny how amazing this new Hulk looks!  Bowen is releasing 4 new Hulk statues – there is this one and the retro grey – also the upcoming Planet Hulk and Maestro.  Yup, that’s it – just 4 new Hulk statues.  No other Hulk statues being released from Bowen in this phase 🙂

I love the sculpt! It's like looking at perfection!

Side View

The other side!

Alright, now this Hulk has a fantastic new sculpt – and you all know how much I love my Smackdown Hulk – but this captures the early art of the Hulk really well.  This serves well as a museum sculpt – and it’s freakin’ HUGE!  It tops out at a whopping 17 inches – this guy actually just stands over the Smackdown Hulk’s arms!  A few things of course… He’s so big that matching him against the Abomination doesn’t work out to well because it looks like he’s staring right over him. 

Abomination is in trouble!

Back off Buddy!

A Match up for the ages!

This is the Hulk to pick up if you want to set-up team displays – because he towers over pretty much every Bowen ever made!  I wish I had a place to put him right now – but with all of the construction going on I basically took him out for pictures and then packed him away again.  It’s the saddest feeling in the world… but I should only look forward to setting the room back up when everything is done.

The "dirty" Look on the Hulk's feet is classic!

Bowen's signature on the Hulk's foot - SWEET!

The Man... The Monster

So, let me know if you picked this guy up – how your paint job looks – how you set him up… EVERYTHING!  I know some of you out there looking for the perfect Hulk statue are going to ask – which one should you pick up?  I, still, say the Smackdown is the best there is – but this piece is right at the tops.  I can’t wait for Planet Hulk – which is scheduled to be out next!  Can’t freakin’ wait for that one!

Smackdown and Retro Hulk

The Face Off! Who's taking bets?

13 responses to “Bowen Designs Retro Green Hulk (2009)

  1. That is one BAD-A** Hulk…!!!

    Great photos, great sculpt…SUH-WEET…!!!

  2. Hi Ratch-I have to agree with you -that this is Bowen’s best HULK yet,the paint job really didn’t bother me,yeah it’s a bit dark compared to the “Smackdown” HULK but I always thought that that HULK’S color was to much of a yellow/green.What is kinda bothering me about this line of Bowen HULKS is the pose-I think it’s a great pose for ONE statue but it’s the same pose for three of them,I picked up the RED HULK(I know-not your favorite) and except for some slight modifications like the head the base and viens and tears in pants it’s the same body and the upcoming Grey HULK looks pretty much the same I think Bowen should have made each one in a different pose-guess I’m being picky…BUT PLANET HULK looks awesome really looking forward to that one!! take care-Mike

    • Hey Mike – I like the color of the Hulk – but I was talking about the wash… – look at the first pic I posted again – the side of his nose, above his eyebrow, and in his ear – this wash seems to be different on every single Hulk – some it looks really good – while others are just a mess. Mine seems to be somewhat in the middle… it’s not terrible but it is noticeable…

      The sculpt is fantastic – but yeah, every Hulk has the same pose – much like when he did the Wolverines – they are all in the same pose but different styles – I can see what you’re saying about the Hulks though. I knew they were all going to be in the same pose – so there is no way to have them facing off – it would just look stupid – but side by side might be okay. The Planet Hulk will be the statue of the year though!

      Because they are all in the same pose like this though – I’m not sure I’m going to pick up the Grey Hulk – but Maestro is a must!

  3. I liked it. So much useful material. I read with great interest.

  4. I prefer this Hulk prior to the other prior release. And I have to agree with you on the wash in that it just seems to inconsistent and sloppy. Your paying over $200 for a statue you would expect a better paint. I think im going to try to get the Gray Hulk variant since it its more than just a different paint job and Im partial to the look of that version of the Hulk.

  5. The wash actually makes it look like he’s a little Tired, like he’s been fighting for hours and is just about to finish it.

  6. MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The smackdown Hulk looks alot like the cover of Marvel Treasury Ed# 9. I’ll put all 3 retro, gray and planet Hulks in a pic on HSC. When I get all of them together that is.

  8. just got mine, he is lush, i have got him standing face to face with the bowen ironman hulkbuster what a match! they have matching iron gurders looks great cant wait for planet hulk, hopefully a great statue for a great storyline!

  9. Hi Ratchet , Just got mine delivered today !.I prefer the colouring on this one to my “Smackdown” Hulk.
    They are now close shelf mates!.
    My paint job seems pretty even all over !.
    He looks a lot more intimidating and realistic but oddly nippleless !.

    • Bowen Hulks never have nipples! Nor did the Hulk from the comics back in the day…

      “I have nipples, Greg. Can you milk me?”

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