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Miller Hulk! Only $1000!

And by “only” I mean Holy crap, that’s a lot!  That’s cover type cash – and this is just for a page!  But hey, it is Frank Miller – and as far as I can recall he only drew the Hulk once… In Daredevil #163.  Here’s a page – for anyone to bid on… I would but I’m pretty much spent out for the next year or so… It’s been a wild year!  Click on the image to be brought to the expensive auction!

UPDATE!:  The Auction ended with an impressive $2,600 for this page!

Marvel Universe Diorama – Hulk “R” (2009)

MU Hulk Diorama Piece

Hulk in all his smashy glory!

I went into Toys R Us yesterday and the manager, who – I’m ashamed to admit – knows me really well, told me that they just received some new merchandise that hasn’t even hit the floor yet – that I might be interested in.  He ripped open a box and pulled this guy out!  I almost squealed – but I played it cool and just snatched it out of his hands and began to drool.  I said “When did these come out?” with a crack in my voice that would make Peter Brady laugh.  He informed me that they got them in last week – and another collector had come in looking for them – but he forgot about them until he saw me.  Lucky me because Hulk is one of the short-packed figures in this line.

Hulk standing on the R - that means he's the center piece!

So, there are 6 figures that make up this diorama – Spiderman (of course), Venom, Iron Man (of course – nowadays), Dr. Doom, Hulk and Wolverine.  Each character stands on a letter and when displayed properly spells out MARVEL – or… LAME RV – which is the movie that Robin Williams starred in, which was, coincidentally, lame!  So it works out.  The Hulk is pretty heavy – and I hate to admit it but I think my favorite in the whole line was the Doom.  He looks really cool!  Priced at $12.99 each – getting the whole diorama might be a bit pricey – but thankfully, I’m just into the Hulk!

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