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The Incredible Hulk #604 (2009) – The Review

The Incredible Hulk #604

I can tell I am getting impatient about the Hulk’s return – because I wasn’t even excited about picking this issue up. Don’t get me wrong – I love that Pak is back – but he’s not writing the Hulk. There are two Hulk comics being released a month – one doesn’t star the Hulk and the other is so terribly written I’d rather get dragged three miles over hot coals by an elephant than have to read Loeb’s random ridiculousness the rest of my life. But this issue did serve up a few surprises…

The Harpy is back! And just as angry!

So, Korg, Wanesboro, Banner, Skaar and A-Bomb are playing a little football.  Kate tells Bruce that she likes how he’s handling Skaar and that he should relax – but Bruce teleports them into the sewers so that he can show her something.  One of the Leader’s secret – or not so secret- labs.  They find a file discussing Betty and a root analysis of her entire system (I love that line!).  Kate senses something – or someone and gets shot down.  Bruce hears a female voice condemning him and he calls out “Betty?”

She mocks him and blasts him out of the lab.  We see that it is a Harpy and she has a real problem with Bruce Banner.  Korg, A-Bomb and Skaar see this and A-Bomb tells the boys he’s seen these robots before.  Skaar says that this Harpy is NO robot.  A-Bomb is shocked, he questions whether or not it could actually be Betty – and then has to fill Skaar in on Betty.  Skaar attacks the Harpy and is ready to kill her but Banner pulls out the Old Power taser.  Skaar laughs this off until Banner actually pulls the trigger and shoots him.

Marlo is back!

A-Bomb (Rick) scolds Bruce – but Bruce defends his actions… until the Harpy begins to change form and reveals herself to be… none other than Marlo Chandler.  Rick asks her what happened – she tells him that a big headed super villain kidnapped her and transformed her into that thing.  “Big Headed”, huh?  Yes, MODOCK – or maybe the Leader!  Well, Rick takes Marlo and hops off – Skaar is pissed at Bruce now – for shooting him – and… oh yes – let’s not forget about Wanesboro…

The Leader!

The Leader makes his appearance – well, a hologram of the Leader does… and tells Kate that the lab will blow, that he hasn’t killed her yet because he’s still studying anyone who’s been around the Hulk and that Banner’s heart is still with Betty.  The lab blows and Kate is teleported back to where Banner and the others are.  Banner figures out that the Leader was behind it and then he takes everyone out of hiding – only to be alerted about the Mole Man and his HUGE minions ripping up the city – we see the FF on the case – but can assume the next issue will feature Skaar teaming up with them!

FF taking on the Mole Man... I remember this!

Again the art in the book is divided between two artists – I wish they would quit that… but other than that – it’s interesting to see Marlo back.  A hottie from the old Fixit days – and then later, married Rick Jones.  I don’t know how Rick could do it – follow the Hulk, I mean.  That’s gotta be intimidating!  I’m still awaiting the Hulk’s return – but in the meantime this storyline will do… Grade: B