Tim Sale Fast Pass Sketch – ’09 Boston Comic Con

Alex and Sale 036
Tim Sale Hulk Sketch

As soon as I learned that Tim Sale was going to be at the Boston Comic Con I went to his site and checked it out.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Hulk: Gray series – but it was not for the art – in fact, the art is what saved the series from being a total waste.  I looked into getting a sketch from him – but was met with a sort of road block… see, his requirements for getting a sketch is as follows:

  • You must get into line at his table when the Con starts – you must be one of the first 5-8 people in line as he only does a limited amounts of sketches during the con
  • Once in line – if you are lucky enough to be one of the early ones – you must request a fast pass. 
  • They will ask what you want, plus give you a time to return.
  • You must return at the time of your pass – otherwise your sketch will not be done.
  • He times his sketches with an hourglass.  A soon as the sand runs out – your sketch is done.

By the way – his sketches aren’t cheap… in fact, his sketch was HALF of my entire budget of the con.  But here’s my story… as some of you know I am a children’s storyteller – that’s my job.  That’s what I do…  but the issue is – I had to leave the con mid-way to do a show about 30 minutes away.  When I was offered the fast pass I asked for the latest time – he gave me a time of 3:20.  My show started at 1:30 – and would end at 2:30, but with a half an hour to get back… let’s just say – it was cutting it real close.

Alex and Sale 023
Sale working...
Alex and Sale 025
Continuing the masterpiece!

Well, as you can tell I made it.  But I also made a blunder – I was back to the con by 3:05 – and as I hit the building I suddenly realized… I left my camera in my car!  I had to run back to my car and then back again to the con.  I was back to Sale’s table by 3:15.  He signed a few more books before he started on my sketch.  It was probably one of the best experiences at a con ever.  The best part?  The sand ran out in the hour glass – and Sale said “This is going to be one of those days where I just do what I want and not pay attention to the time” and he kept on working!  He also had a huge crowd gathered around just to watch the sketch being done.  This is certainly a pride piece in the collection and will be framed and hung – as soon as the construction is finished and the Hulk room is back to normal.  Thank you Tim Sale!

Alex and Sale 029
He's so proud!
Alex and Sale 037 - Copy
A mugg only a mother can love!

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13 thoughts on “Tim Sale Fast Pass Sketch – ’09 Boston Comic Con

  1. Amazing, Ratch!
    VERY happy for you! Great story & pics, too!
    I love Sale’s work on “Heroes”, but his Hulk was never in my top 5….but I have to say, I’d probably jump at the chance to own a Sale Hulk sketch. Very cool–and really–a beautiful drawing.

  2. Hi guys,

    I have submitted this crucial bit of information already, but it hasn’t been sent for whatever reason. No matter, second time is the charm.

    Has you all know, I been quite vocal of my support with the Son of Hulk title. The next issue will be the last.

    But, in 2010 their will be a 4 issue mini series entitled Realm of Kings : Son of Hulk. Hiro Kala goes to jarella’s world for new adventures. Please see link :


  3. One of my favorite comic artists of all time. I just wish he worked faster. I’ll be in a nursing home before Captain America: White ever gets finished.

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