Tim Sale Fast Pass Sketch – ’09 Boston Comic Con

Alex and Sale 036

Tim Sale Hulk Sketch

As soon as I learned that Tim Sale was going to be at the Boston Comic Con I went to his site and checked it out.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Hulk: Gray series – but it was not for the art – in fact, the art is what saved the series from being a total waste.  I looked into getting a sketch from him – but was met with a sort of road block… see, his requirements for getting a sketch is as follows:

  • You must get into line at his table when the Con starts – you must be one of the first 5-8 people in line as he only does a limited amounts of sketches during the con
  • Once in line – if you are lucky enough to be one of the early ones – you must request a fast pass. 
  • They will ask what you want, plus give you a time to return.
  • You must return at the time of your pass – otherwise your sketch will not be done.
  • He times his sketches with an hourglass.  A soon as the sand runs out – your sketch is done.

By the way – his sketches aren’t cheap… in fact, his sketch was HALF of my entire budget of the con.  But here’s my story… as some of you know I am a children’s storyteller – that’s my job.  That’s what I do…  but the issue is – I had to leave the con mid-way to do a show about 30 minutes away.  When I was offered the fast pass I asked for the latest time – he gave me a time of 3:20.  My show started at 1:30 – and would end at 2:30, but with a half an hour to get back… let’s just say – it was cutting it real close.

Alex and Sale 023

Sale working...

Alex and Sale 025

Continuing the masterpiece!

Well, as you can tell I made it.  But I also made a blunder – I was back to the con by 3:05 – and as I hit the building I suddenly realized… I left my camera in my car!  I had to run back to my car and then back again to the con.  I was back to Sale’s table by 3:15.  He signed a few more books before he started on my sketch.  It was probably one of the best experiences at a con ever.  The best part?  The sand ran out in the hour glass – and Sale said “This is going to be one of those days where I just do what I want and not pay attention to the time” and he kept on working!  He also had a huge crowd gathered around just to watch the sketch being done.  This is certainly a pride piece in the collection and will be framed and hung – as soon as the construction is finished and the Hulk room is back to normal.  Thank you Tim Sale!

Alex and Sale 029

He's so proud!

Alex and Sale 037 - Copy

A mugg only a mother can love!

13 responses to “Tim Sale Fast Pass Sketch – ’09 Boston Comic Con

  1. Amazing, Ratch!
    VERY happy for you! Great story & pics, too!
    I love Sale’s work on “Heroes”, but his Hulk was never in my top 5….but I have to say, I’d probably jump at the chance to own a Sale Hulk sketch. Very cool–and really–a beautiful drawing.

  2. One word – Awesome!!!!!!!

    You sir are a very lucky man indeed!

  3. man … MAN … I love that piece Ratch!!!!

    I am sitting here all green in envy

  4. Thanks everyone! All the people who have seen it says it could have come right out of the comic books! It’s so great!

  5. Hi guys,

    For those of you in the know the next issue of Son of Hulk will be the last.

    In 2010 Marvel will be doing a 4 issue mini series about Hiro Kala’s adventure’s on Jarella’s planet.

    Click link for more information.

  6. Hi guys,

    I have submitted this crucial bit of information already, but it hasn’t been sent for whatever reason. No matter, second time is the charm.

    Has you all know, I been quite vocal of my support with the Son of Hulk title. The next issue will be the last.

    But, in 2010 their will be a 4 issue mini series entitled Realm of Kings : Son of Hulk. Hiro Kala goes to jarella’s world for new adventures. Please see link :


  7. Well i aim to please! I hope that Loeb will leave in 2010 and Hulk will return to greatness!

  8. One of my favorite comic artists of all time. I just wish he worked faster. I’ll be in a nursing home before Captain America: White ever gets finished.

  9. Any chance you could tell me just how early before the con I should show up to wait in line for a sketch fast pass?

  10. I don’t suppose you could be a bit more specific, like 2 hours, 3 hours before they open the doors?

  11. I usually get there around 2 hours before the doors open. Bring breakfast WITH you… and something to sit on. 🙂

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