The Eternals #14-16 (1977)

Jack Kirby wrote and drew this inventive series about immortal superheroes – and funny enough – they never fought the Hulk. The cover above may be misleading – or confusing you – but it’s true. See, at the Maryland Institute of Technology, 2 students are creating a Hulk robot as a mascot, but when the Uni-MindContinue reading “The Eternals #14-16 (1977)”

A Week of the Defenders! Defenders #1 (1972)

What a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving week!  I will showcase one of the most dysfunctional group to ever grace the pages of a Marvel Comic!  A team that changed members more than I change my underwear… I mean – forget that last statement.  Here is the Defenders #1 – but keep in mind thatContinue reading “A Week of the Defenders! Defenders #1 (1972)”