The Eternals #14-16 (1977)

The Eternals By Jack Kirby - Book 2

Jack Kirby wrote and drew this inventive series about immortal superheroes – and funny enough – they never fought the Hulk. The cover above may be misleading – or confusing you – but it’s true. See, at the Maryland Institute of Technology, 2 students are creating a Hulk robot as a mascot, but when the Uni-Mind enters the area anything electronic begins to go on the fritz – including the mechanical Hulk.

The Eternals #14 - Cosmic powered Hulk Robot!

Now, wielding a cosmic power, the Hulk robot begins a rampage.  The Eternals try to stop it, mainly Ikaris, – but do not have much luck.  See, the Eternals can’t die – which they remind you many times in this series – but they can be hurt and can remain disfigured for the rest of their life.  So, this Hulk robot continues to destroy the town – one of the Eternals , Sersi, uses mind games… on a robot.  Mind games?  On a robot?  But hey, who am I question a genius like Kirby.  Can I admit he’s a genius AND say that this story doesn’t really make a lot of sense?  Because that’s what I’m sticking to…

The Eternals #15 - Kind of cheating on the guest star, huh?

How many Hulk robots has there been anyways?  I’m going to have to do a little research to figure this one out – I know Iron Man has fought a Hulk robot – as did the Hulk himself… and how many Hulk robots did the Hulkbusters create over the years?  Anyways, this is the only Hulk robot that I know of who was infused with Cosmic energy – which allows it to do things that the actual Hulk could not – it’s only until the eldest Eternal – Zuras – arrives that the Hulk is taken down.  All he does is touch the robot and it begins to release the Cosmic Energy.  The Hulk robot runs away into the sewers and blows up. 

The Eternals #16 - Robot Hulk goes KA-BLOOMY!

It’s a pretty entertaining storyline – if you have the chance pick it up!  They’ve also collected the issues in a TPB – The Eternals by Jack Kirby Book 2.  So yeah – here it is.  And if you can remember specific issues that featured a Hulk robot then let me know below – we’ll try to get a list together!  There’s another Hulk robot in the new Ultimate Avengers #3 as well!

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12 thoughts on “The Eternals #14-16 (1977)

  1. Hi guys, the cosmic hulk later appeared in Peter David,s run of Incredible Hulk. This is when grey hulk battles the thing (in pineapple mode) on behalf of dr doom. Doom reveals he rebuilt it. The robot later appears as a servant of the jester. The cosmic hulk is slated to appear in red hulk #1 in the new year. Type in cosmic hulk on google for full info.

    1. So – it couldn’t be the SAME cosmic Hulk, right? I mean this robot was built by 2 University kids – and blew up later…

    2. The Hulk robot that the Hulk faced off against that I mentioned in the post was the same that you mentioned here…

      so that’s at least 4, right?

  2. It is the same cosmic Hulk robot we are talking about.

    Go to the Marvel wikipedia and it has listed ALL Hulk robots ever seen in the Marvel universe.

    1. So, basically Doom is a liar. He didn’t “build” it – he reconstructed it. I found the page you were talking about – I’ll add it to my blogroll…

  3. On the PAD run when grey hulk fights the pineapple version of the thing on behalf of dr doom. Doom sends the rebuilt unpowered cosmic hulk to give the grey hulk a breather. He explains to grey hulk the history of the robot. Where he found it etc.

  4. I think that 2010 is going to be an important year for hulk fans what with fall of the hulks & world war hulks. Loeb writing is so poor that they have alot of talented writers to stop it from sucking big time. I think that it succeed even with loeb’s involvement. For me it is lyra vs maestro 2010!

  5. Nice post! The very first comic I ever bought had a Hulk robot on the cover. It was Classic X-Men #30. The cover has Wolverine standing amidst all sorts of Hulk-bot body parts, with the Hulk’s head resting nicely on his claws. The other X-men are standing in the background looking all shocked and confused.
    This comic is beat to hell, but it’s still hanging on my wall.

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