A Week of the Defenders! Marvel Feature Presents #1-#3 (1971)

Marvel Feature Presents #1

This, technically, is the first appearance of the Defenders… I say technically because, well, I’ll get into that later. First let’s start with these three – Marvel Feature Presents – the first time the group is dubbed “The Defenders” – named by… hmmm – a good question for a no prize! Oh – who am I kidding 465 will get it even before I finish typing this post 🙂 The best part of the Defenders of course is with each meeting the members are never happy to help each other – and a lot of the time complain that they got together in the first place and sometimes vow never to team up again!

MFP #2 - Dormmamu in the house!

I love these guys!  The covers to these issues are amazing as well – I love the old time covers too!  And in the next issue the Defenders face off against a villain that is not only one of Strange’s biggest nemisis..s’s?  Is nemisis’s right?  Anyways, the villain is not only Strange’s biggest foe but also faces off against the Defenders many, many times – making him one of the Defender’s biggest foes!  Bowen has released sneaks of a new bust of none other than DORMAMMU!  I cannot wait for that!

MFP #3 - When Gossamer attacks!

The last of the MFP covers features one of my favorite looking villains – Xenmu – who reminds me of the Looney Tunes character Gossamer except… you know… white.  Anyways – here are the first 3 comics that preceded the Defenders getting their own title!

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5 thoughts on “A Week of the Defenders! Marvel Feature Presents #1-#3 (1971)

    1. Yup, it was Namor – and then Strange makes it their official name – and Hulk immediately says he doesn’t want to be in a group – he tried it once and it didn’t work out.

  1. In MFP# 3 isn’t that Hulk on top of Hulk? Xenmu the titan was first named Hulk back in the early days of Tales to Astonish.

    1. Actually, Strange poses as Hulk in this issue – and when Bruce sees himself on TV that makes him leap into action… Hulk is the one who defeats Xenmu in the end.

      1. Is this what you are referring to 465?

        Hulk Vs. Hulk?: “A Titan Walks Among Us” (Marvel Feature #3) features Xemnu whose first appearance was during the pre-superhero days at Marvel Comics. In these early days of Marvel, Xemnu was called “The Hulk”! Despite later changing the name to the Titan, Roy Thomas, in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, presented the first Hulk vs Hulk battle as an in-joke for those in the know

        That’s a pretty cool piece of trivia I was not aware of!

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